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Motorola treating Moto X, Moto G owners to new spring boot animation


Last month, Motorola surprised Moto X and Moto G owners with a new boot animation that included the Loch Ness Monster, Bigfoot and a UFO. Now Motorola’s rolling out another boot animation to get you into the spirit of spring.

Motorola has announced that it’s pushing a new boot animation to its devices starting today. Moto also posted a video of the animation, which shows a snowman melting, flowers shooting out of its top hat and a bird hatching from an egg.

This new Moto X and Moto G boot animation may not be a crazy new feature that improves the user experience, but it is a nice touch that shows that Motorola still cares about its devices and customers. The updated boot animation is rolling out today. Motorola says that the update could take a few hours to reach everyone, so if you don’t see the fresh boot animation yet, maybe try again later today.

Be sure to give us a shout in the comments section when the updated boot animation does hit your Motorola device!

Sources: Motorola, Google Play: Motorola Boot Services

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  • Vance

    The power of simple things. Motorola is doing it right.

  • SGB101

    These boot screens always brings a smile. I really likes the last special one they did, the big foot, nessy ending with a bat signal style ‘M’. Was sad when it changed back to the standard.

    This one is ‘cute’, but at least the ‘powered by google’ doesn’t look like it’s been photo shopped on by a kid, like the big foot one did.

    The latest update to the app asks for location permissions, so we are likely to be getting differ ones. Its not spring in aus after all, I wonder what there fall one looks like, or if there even is one.

  • donger

    Sweet boot up.

  • matt

    Really nice Motorola keep it up.

  • Gary

    Motorola is all about the user experience and this new boot is another great example. Keep it going Motorola. So far u da one.

  • vikrant

    Motorola cares about India ,I guess. Thank you Motorola. Love you for coming back. Proud to be a Moto User.

  • Sudeep

    I don’t like new boot animation.
    Previous animation is better than this. I want my old boot animation back.
    I love motorola.
    I love Google.
    I love android.
    I love best androide animations.
    Fare animation I don’t like

    • Jasper Rebane

      To get old boot screen back, uninstall motorola boot services to factory, but I think than new ones are better.

      • SGB101

        The news only usually last 2 week then revert to the origanal. Thst has been the trend on the g since day one.

        The last time I powered my phone down was when this animation arrived, so the old one may be back already.

  • Steve Buechler

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  • rodney ellis

    I enjoyed the surprise new animation. Thanks Motorola. It’s the little things that set apart great companies.

  • roolkiy

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  • Ted

    OK guys…. I need help. This update smoked my phone. It never rebooted after update and it is stone cold DEAD!!! Who do I talk to now????

  • Ted

    OK fixed it by Live Chatting with Motorola.

    Hold the volume down button and the power on button for 2 minutes and release. It will then boot up into a boot menu. You then pick “normal boot” with the up volume button and it booted up and worked great!!!!

  • kkhadr

    I’m a moto fan and using Motorola handsets since 1996, the idea of pushing new boot animation every now and then is really brilliant.

  • Janine

    Now it’s a soccer ball donning around for FiFa