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New LG G3 photo leak shows off its ‘brushed effect’ backside


Another day, another LG G3 leak. Today another purported image of LG’s upcoming Android flagship has leak, claiming to give us a look at the backsides of both the black and white versions of the device.

Shared by PhoneArena, the photo shows the backside of two LG-branded phones that feature rounded rear buttons and a circular rear camera, just like the previous G3 leaks. The phones feature a “brushed metal” look on their rears, which is similar to the golden G3 that showed itself earlier this month.

The source of this image also claims that the G3 features a 5.5-inch display and removable rear cover, both of which are features that line up with previous rumors.

With all of the LG G3 leaks that’ve surfaced in recent weeks, it may feel like the Life’s Good crew won’t have much left to surprise us with when it officially unwraps the G3 on May 27. I’m sure that LG’s got one or two surprises left up its sleeve, though, including a full explanation of that black sensor on the left of the G3’s rear camera. Plus, it’ll just be nice to see the G3 made nice and official.

Based on everything that we’ve heard about it so far, are you thinking about making the LG G3 your next daily driver?

Source: PhoneArena

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  • Dave Kratter

    Let’s hope what appears to be brushed metal actually is brushed metal. No plastic.

    • Nate B.

      Just like Samsung when they try and make their back look like premium leather in videos, but it’s really plastic with raised bumps to call stitching.

      • El Tardo

        Yes, I often confuse premium leather with brushed metal.

        • Ugh You Moron

          Did you read the comments? Brushed metal is to brushed plastic as premium leather is to textured plastic. Nobody said anything comparing metal to leather. Please thoroughly read comments before replaying with smartass remarks.

          • Cant Fix Stupid

            “Did you read the comments? ”

            Yes, unfortunately. You are a dolt. Hence your down votes.

      • bob

        Leather, whether real or fake, DOES NOT look Premium on a damn phone.

    • Ms Wurst

      brushed metal is too expensive

      • Set To Reflect

        It’s funny how these websites that talk about the G3 never mention the battery. With a pointless 2K gimmicky screen it’s probably going to suck.

        • Miller

          Gimmicky?? You are a moron and it has a 3,000 Mah battery

        • bob

          The new screen technology used in these 2K and 4K screens uses WAY less power than today’s 1080p screens

  • roolkiy

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  • Set To Reflect

    I’m hard.

    • boss

      Obviously you’re not into technology and don’t have much knowledge about technology. Your probably thinking 2k means it’ll look a little brighter. Why dont you educate yourself about 2k before you call it gimmicky. That fact is, samsung will be playing catch up because of LGs g3. Yes I guarantee you they will be working on 2k for their devices in the future and so will every other device maker. An uneducated troll of your kind must use a jitter bug.

      • LGian

        Unfortunately “gimmicky” or more accurately “double-edged sword” could be the case as other components will be required to work harder to render the higher resolution which in all honesty will give little to none noticeable improvement on the 5.5 inch screen in regard to viewing experience. However,although the entire “2K resolution on a smartphone” is a smart marketing play more than anything, the good news is that leaks reveal LG G3 will possibly incorporate more powerful components than its older generation such as a 3200 mAh battery, either the new 805 snapdragon or an in-house counterpart, more efficient UI etc which should deliver comparable if not better performance than its rivals anyway. On top of that all concerns surrounding battery life are unnecessary as the new UI will most likely feature an embedded power saving software/modes as many of this year’s flagships including the S5 and One m8. All in all whether or not the 2K resolution of the G3 will bite LG in the arse or not comes down to the surrounding components and overall execution of the device and it’s UI, but since this hasn’t been done before its best to wait with optimism than to blatantly and ignorantly dismiss. The LG G3 could very well be the great successor to the G2 as we all hope and knowing LG it may even underprice it’s rivals regardless of the proposed specifications. We can only hope for the best and wait and see, only a little over two weeks left till we get definitive answers to all our questions!

  • Yourmom

    Can’t wait to get this phone when it’s released!(=


    Looks better than most

  • Paul Atreides

    I prefer that back to be plastic and replaceable. If it’s replaceable the material won’t really matter much.

  • Yajnesh

    This phone is surely 100 times better than Shamesung’s galaxy s5..

  • DNS

    More plastic junk from Korea.

  • In the Market

    This is definitely a phone that I’m considering and would say it’s the #1 seed right now as long as they have a google play edition. I’m hoping that the Nexus 6 is announced at Google I/O because that’s probably the only phone I would purchase over this one, but I want to see the specs first.