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New render of HTC One Remix for Verizon leaks


Apparently Verizon wasn’t content with the HTC One Mini 2 name, so the company just had to change it. The device will be coming to the carrier as the HTC One Remix, a name that doesn’t make total sense when you consider the device is just a smaller, slower, all around worse variant of the HTC One. But to be fair, remixes are often like that.

HTC One Remix

The latest leak from @evleaks shows the device in all of its glory, without any case to obscure its body. It doesn’t look different from the standard One Mini 2, aside from the HTC logo being shamelessly replaced by a Verizon logo. It would be understandable, if the Verizon logo didn’t look so asymmetrical and awkward.

The software is basically the same as well, and the on screen buttons remain instead of being swapped out for physical keys. In fact, we’d be surprised if the device wasn’t absolutely identical to the standard model aside from logos and name.

There’s no info on when Verizon will be offering the device, or how much it will cost, but at least we got a good look at it. What do you think, will you be picking one up knowing the specs will be mid range? Tell us in the comments!

Source: evleaks

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