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NVIDIA giving up on smartphones unless something special comes around

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NVIDIA hasn’t had the best of luck with when it comes to the adoption of its newest processors. Despite making solid mobile chips (aside from the Tegra 2, that was terrible), most companies don’t want to use NVIDIA’s hardware in their devices. Qualcomm processors are more popular and probably cheaper to use.

Instead of continuing to push for increased smartphone adoption, NVIDIA has decided to move away from the handset market. There are plenty of other things for it to focus on, especially in the world of Android. The SHIELD will be one focus, and NVIDIA is also interested in set-top boxes, TVs and automotive applications.

Sadly, this news means that we won’t be seeing any Tegra-powered smartphones anytime soon. Though the Tegra line never gained popularity, the newer Tegra processors were quite impressive, and it’s a shame that we won’t see them in our favorite devices. But with Qualcomm releasing some seriously awesome chips of its own, we’re not too sad. What do you think of NVIDIA leaving the smartphone market? Leave a comment!

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  • bob

    Does it mean I won’t see games where the graphics look crappy unless I have the THD version anymore?

    • renz

      In Q1 earning calls nvidia mention that tegra will focus on automotive, android gaming and product differentiation. So most likely we are going to see more such stuff. Because nvidia only mention about smartphone. They did not say the same for tablet. If developer not interested they will port the game themselves like they did with portal and half life 2. Unlike what most people believe those two game was actually port by nvidia. Valve only give them the green light port the game to android and only did little helping nvidia. That’s why if you see people that having problem with the games their questions are being answered by nvidia instead of valve in play store. Maybe we are not going to see much original IP from android being part of the THD program but right now nvidia are convincing developer that develop their games on console and PC to port their title to android.

  • Dan

    They were never popular because they were SO bad. Always the best on paper, always the worst in real use.. Impossibile to work with and HARD on battery life..

  • steve

    I thought tegra had a great chip, expecially for games. I never had any problems with my nexus 7 when they used Tegra

  • John Dimick

    It’s a real shame. I have a couple tegra 3 devices including a shield and they all perform fantastically. For any of the games I can stream to shield it’s been incredibly awesome being able to play them from literally anywhere with decent WiFi. Hopefully they continue the shield line for a long time as it is my favorite android device of any I’ve owned.

  • Matth

    Does that mean Qualcomm will be the only one on the market (or the bigger one) facing only little competition?
    If that’s the case, it’s a shame. We all know what a monopoly can engender when it comes to innovation and thus great processors.

  • Kurkosdr

    They didn’t had the best of lack because they didn’t care much about software support. Get a device with Qualcomm, increase your chances of getting an upgrade.

    • renz

      If nvidia did not care about support then they will not update shield and TN7 to Kit Kat

  • renyo

    I really do hope they license the tegra architecture… I could just imagine Moto with a custom design featuring Qualcomm CPU and Nvidia GPU… Best of both worlds!

    • renz

      Qualcomm will not going to license other company GPU IP since they already have adreno which they build in house.

  • Bambang

    I have TN7 & it work great on games or other apps, the prblem what i’m facing right now is 4.4.2 for the ” SD ” problem…..can’t write to SD cards…:(

    other than that TN7 with Tegra4 is amazing tablet