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OnePlus opens contest to win an invite to buy one of 150 OnePlus One devices

OnePlus invite

The OnePlus One seems like a fantastic device, with high-end specs and a very low price, but unfortunately you can’t just go out and buy one. No, OnePlus has made it significantly more difficult. You need an invite to buy the device, meaning you’ll have to earn it somehow. But if you’re intent on buying the OnePlus One, your first chance (without smashing your current phone) starts now.

OnePlus has announced a contest to win 1 of 150 invites to purchase a 64GB Sandstone Black device for full price. To enter, you must do things like follow OnePlus on Twitter and Google+, tweet about the giveaway and more. You can earn up to 8 entries. However, with nearly 300,000 people entered to win 1 of 150 invites, the chances of getting a ticket aren’t all that high.

You may ask why there is such a low supply of OnePlus One hardware. We don’t know. Since OnePlus has backing from Oppo, a slow production is unlikely. And unless each device is made in a village by a group of 5 elders, there should be more units out there. Of course, limiting supply helps to create hype. I can’t say I’m a fan of this tactic, but if you want to win the chance to buy a OnePlus One, hit the source link to enter the contest and tell us what you think of this throttled supply!

Via: Pocket Now
Source: OnePlus Contest, OnePlus Announcement

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  • Kalyanaraman

    Oneplus invite

    • dina

      do you have? I’d be so grateful.

  • Hadi

    It is such a great phone with affordable price , I am only worry about how strong is the wifi signal .

  • Demola

    Jump through hoops to get an Android device. What is that? I’ll rather go for a Nexus or Galaxy

    • Jaymoon

      No no, you are winning an *invite to buy* an Android device.

      “Congratulations, you have been selected as a winner of an invite! Here’s your $350 bill for a new phone!”

      Winning the privilege(?) to buy a phone? Pfffft. Thanks but no thanks.

  • sachin barwade

    I am waiting of one plus one mobile from announcing this news and i am taking daily update about one plus one mobile .

  • Phil

    I’d love to have the phone, buti’m not willing to go through all that BS to get it. It should be readily available for anyone who wants to buy it on DAY ONE!. This is counterproductive.

    • ravi

      I want the phone at any cost please help meeeee

  • g ramesh

    I am very eagar to buy this smartphone…but some what disappointed due to delay in availability…so I need to go another smartphone

  • David

    I’d agree with Demola and Phil above. Too many hoops! When you have enough of a disposable income, the desire/hype doesn’t cut it….I’d easily pay double the price and get an iphone or htc one rather than burn my time promo-ing someone’s device.
    OnePlus are rapidly losing my interest

  • Thomas

    I’m getting pretty bored and tired with their(oneplus’) bogus marketing scheme. People are being suckered into doing their dirty work (marketing) at the price of what? A slim chance for an invite to buy (a product with a buggy OS). If it was anything else people would yell BS, but somehow people are all getting their pants on fire over this thing. I could understand if OnePlus was giving away 150 devices, at no cost for the recipient. But seriously, plastering their marketing nonsense all over your social networks, for nothing. Than again, it’s a fools paradise…

    <– Will *not* be buying OnePlus.

  • Jason Wilson

    I’m like the specs on the phone. The price is great, this phone could break records if they can supply the demand for the phone.