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Oracle wins appeal in legal battle with Google, continues the fight

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The legal battle between Oracle and Google has been going on for quite a while, and a lot has been at stake. Oracle claims that Google built Android on copyrighted APIs, which would mean serious trouble for both Google and Android if the courts agreed. When the core of Android is claimed to be illegally made, it’ll mean some serious modification being done to Android (unless Google is okay with paying large sums of money to Oracle for the use of said APIs).

Last we heard, a judge agreed with Google that APIs are not copyrightable, netting a win for the company and guaranteeing the safety of Android for the time being. However, Oracle has appealed this ruling and succeeded, with a three judge panel deeming that APIs are indeed copyrightable and that Google is infringing on 37 of those APIs.

Luckily, this isn’t a loss for Google just yet. This just means that Google has to waste more time in court trying to prove its innocence against Oracle. However, this does mean that Android is in danger once again. Only time will tell whether Google wins this case or not, but we really hope so. Do you have an opinion on this situation? Tell us what you think in the comments!

Via: XDA-Developers

Source: Reuters

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  • Bart

    As has been noted in numerous posts about legal battles, the only ones enriching themselves over this are the lawyers. In the finality of things, neither side wins any financial gain and loses a bundle to their lawyers.

  • McLovin

    It was a sad day for many of us when Scarry Larry ( Oracle ) acquired Sun Microsystems. Scott McNeilly (Sun’s CEO) would never have pursued this type of patent crap. Sun Microsystems was better than that back in those days.