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Portal and Half-Life 2 available now for Nvidia Shield


Remember just last week when we were talking about Half-Life 2 coming out for Android and Nvidia Shield shortly after Portal 2, which is set to launch today? We have great news if that piqued your interests. Not only is Portal totally available right now in Google Play, so is Half-Life 2. Double whammy!

For $9.99 each, if you have a Shield and have never played either of these games, you owe it to yourself to pick them up and fall in love. Even if you already have played them, you know you want to play them again. For a quick summary of the games: Portal is a first person puzzle-platformer that has spawned approximately ten billion memes (the cake is a lie!) and Half-Life 2 is a first person shooter with an awesome in-depth storyline. There’s a reason both of these games are considered instant modern classics. They really are that good.

If you have an Nvidia Shield, head on over to Google Play and grab both Portal and Half-Life 2 now. If you don’t, well then head over to Amazon first, buy a Shield and then head on over to Google Play.



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