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Possible Moto X+1 appears in super blurry photo

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This is what we’ve come to, eh? So desperate for Moto X+1 news, we’ll take even the worst of in-the-wild photos and use them as fuel for the hype train. If this is how it’s gotta be, this is how it’s gotta be. Feast your eyes on what could possibly, maybe be the first real picture of the Moto X+1.

Spotted on a Chicago subway, @evleaks was sent the photo you see below under the assumption that it is a Moto X+1 in a dummy case, used for concealing unreleased phones in public. You can’t see much of anything, but there is one key takeaway that @evleaks mentions that makes this photo a tad more interesting. Whereas the Moto X has a 4.7-inch display, the Moto X+1 looks to be at least 5 inches. Normally we’d be a little upset that Motorola is going to mess with such a good thing, but they managed to keep the overall size of the original Moto X impressively small, so we imagine they’ll do the same with the Moto X+1 no matter how large the display may end up being.

As for what makes this photo seem real, Motorola is based in Chicago, and if you look really hard you can see what appears to be the Motorola prototype logo in the upper left corner. If this does turn out to be real, what do you think? A Moto X+1 with a 5-inch of more display could work very well if Motorola does it right.


Via: DroidLife

Source: @evleaks

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  • Nate B.

    Just keep it in a compact for factor, same customize choices of colors and what not but for all carriers out the gate, thin bezels again this time around, continue to have good battery life, and a good camera this time around. Their camera was pure trash. 1080 screen at the least.

    • Cwalden21

      1080 screen is unnecessary. Keep it 720p for better battery life.and improve the cam and it will be great

  • surethom

    After buying the nexus 5 I am OK with a 5″ screen but no bigger.

    Bigger battery & launch in UK quicker & with 32gb please

  • Sparhawk2k

    I was really hoping for another small screen and low resolution combined with a nice processor and giant battery.

  • Gav

    Actual ouch sensitive buttons in the bezel as opposed to that on the screen crap please

  • BigMe1

    Whoa,whoa,whoa. I want to straighten out some misinformation here. That is a Metra commuter train, not a subway. As for the phone, that’s an awfully blurry photo…

  • Dave

    Is it possible that this is a Droid Ultra or Maxx with the new KitKat update? The Motorola earpiece on this mystery phone looks very familiar!