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Rumor: HTC to release Android Wear-based smartwatch this year


According to a new rumor out of blog TK Tech News, HTC is readying its first entry into the smartwatch arena that will run Android Wear and will be called the HTC One Wear.

TK Tech News claims to have not just heard rumors on the device, but actually seen one demoed. Apparently it will come in both plastic and metal, feature a round face and will launch sometime in the late August or early September time frame. As for how legitimate this information is, we can’t say for sure right now. TK Tech News has been known to get their hands on preproduction models from Taiwan in the past, so there’s a good chance the HTC One Wear is the real deal.

HTC has gained a reputation for crafting some of the most impressive, beautiful handsets in the market over the last several years. We can only hope this is the case with the One Wear as well. We’ll be on the lookout for more info and leaks on the HTC One Wear to pop up in the coming months.

Via: DroidLife

Source: TK Tech News

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  • jerrbomb

    Now this is something to look forward to

    • as

      didnt know htc was still alive

  • popartist

    I’m really liking what I am seeing of Android Wear thus far. A metal version w/HTC design sense sounds promising – let’s hope it’s something that a petite wrist can wear. Also a gold (color) option would be nice…

  • Tangent

    Considering that the aesthetics of the current batch of smartwatches is why I haven’t bought one and how good HTC is at that, this is *very* interesting news! A stylish round face and some nice band options and I’m in! The Moto 360 had my attention, but I love that HTC build quality…

  • jamal adam

    HTC’s design language on a smartwatch sounds just mouthwatering.

  • jond11

    I agree with some of the other comments. I was looking forward to the moto360, but I will wait to see what HTC brings to the table. From day one HTC has provided the best built and most striking smartphones to our attention. I was going to say everyone should take notes in design from HTC. But then I started thinking, most companies already are. Sony, Motorola with the Moto G, looks just like a ONE X, now LG starting to use the curved back that HTC started long ago. Samsung will follow suit with a metal design. It’s just a matter of time before all of them will have a quality build and front facing speakers. Samsung is trying to sneak it in the by putting front facing speakers on its tablets first

  • jond11

    I meant the Moto X, sorry bout that

  • jond11

    Meant the Moto X