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Samsung considering circular-faced smartwatches

Samsung circular smart watch

Samsung is no stranger to smartwatches. With the Galaxy Gear, Gear 2, Gear 2 Neo and Gear Fit under its belt, Samsung has quite a bit of experience making wearable devices. However, making an amazing smartwatch is something that the company has yet to do. Samsung isn’t giving up, though, as a new patent filing has revealed that the company is exploring its options.

It’s been discovered that Samsung applied for patents for a circular smartwatch design. Now, this doesn’t mean that Samsung will be suing Motorola, as these designs are quite unique. They were filed last year, so Samsung doesn’t seem to be ripping anyone off.

The patents show off some interesting stuff. Some describe hardware while some cover the software and how it’ll work. The depth into which these files goes into is shown by the page count: some number in the hundreds. There are even patents for a modular design that allows the round face of the watch to be removed and used for other purposes.

These patent filings are no guarantee that Samsung is actually planning to release a smartwatch with a round face, but it’s still cool to see that it’s being considered as a design. Plus, with all the hype that Motorola is getting with the Moto 360, a circular smartwatch may be the way to go for Samsung.

What do you guys think? Are circular smartwatches inherently better than the square type? Tell us in the comments!

Via: Pocket Now

Source: USPTO

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