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Samsung G9098 boasts dual displays, quad-core processor and flip form factor


Most of the smartphones that we see released nowadays come in the slab form factor, resembling big, flat rectangles of metal, glass or plastic. Samsung has shown that it likes to mix things up a bit, though, having released multiple Android-powered flip phones. Today the company unveiled its latest such creation, the G9098.

The Samsung G9098 was revealed on the company’s Chinese website today, complete with a pair of 3.67-inch 800×480 Super AMOLED displays. The G9098 also offers a 2.3GHz quad-core processor, 2GB of RAM, microSD card slot and 1900mAh battery. Finally, this new Android flipper is packing a 13-megapixel camera on its rear and a 2-megapixel shooter on its face.

As of this writing, the Samsung G9098 will be sold exclusively by China Mobile for an undisclosed price. There’s no word on whether or not it’ll hit other countries, but considering how limited the launches of Samsung’s other Android flip phones have been, I wouldn’t bet on seeing the G9098 venture out of China. That’s kind of a bummer because, while it may not be the most high-end smartphone ever, the G9098 is still a unique device that could appeal to some consumers.

Would you buy a smartphone with a flip form factor?


Via: SamMobile

Source: Samsung China

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  • Rob

    In a heartbeat. I would LOVE to have a flip phone that had the US LTE bands supported. I rarely speak on a phone, I want a flip phone as small as possible that I could use for a call in a pinch, but tether all my other larger screen devices to.

  • Bart

    I personally wouldn’t–only because I think in the next couple years folding or scroll-like phones will be upon us. I’d rather have something that compacts when not in use but allows for 6+ inch displays when expanded.

    From articles I’ve read about Japan and China, their tech industry seems to thrive on unusual and diverse form factors for their gadgets. I’m not sure a lot of it would be accepted here. But then, that’s probably why Samsung is targeting those markets and not USA. (And I state this with much reservation and hesitation because I have seen flip phones, probably brought over from Asia, that are at least single-screen smartphones. I knew of one international trader that would buy novelty phones in Japan and bring them back–typically they were analog & TDMA.)

  • xikarra

    Would buy.
    Android on a flagship spec’d flip phone sounds way too cool. The screen might be small but it would gimme a reason to buy a tablet.