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Samsung Galaxy K Zoom now up for pre-order in UK

Samsung Galaxy K Zoom

Samsung has always been known for experimenting with hardware, with some of its ideas finding some success. The Galaxy K Zoom, Samsung’s second generation camera-with-a-phone hybrid, is one of those devices. Now, Samsung has opened up pre-orders for the Galaxy K Zoom in the UK, with orders shipping out on May 29, less than a week from today. Pricing is set at £400, or about $675 US dollars, which is a tad high. But 10% can be knocked off that price by entering the coupon code NPR-14G-QKY-WSZ. Let’s take a look at what’s being offered for that price.

The Galaxy K Zoom packs a 20.7-megapixel CMOS sensor, BSI, xenon flash, 8GB internal memory, and a microSD card slot that can hold up to a 64GB card. On the phone side, the Galaxy K Zoom sports a 4.7-inch 720p display, hexa-core Exynos 5 Hexa processor, 2GB RAM, LTE connectivity, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0, Android 4.4 KitKat, and a 2,340mAh battery. Specs-wise, the Galaxy K Zoom isn’t too shabby. It retains a fairly similar design to the Galaxy S5, with some necessary changes in thickness and size due to the added camera.

What are your feelings about the Galaxy K Zoom? Would you purchase one?

Via: Android Central

Source: Samsung UK

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  • surethom

    Any company that launches a mid to highend phone with less than 16gb of internal storage cannot be taken serious it is just fobbing us of, memory is so cheap. You will only end up with about 4gb of usable storage that will fill up with in a few months even if it does have external storage.

  • Lee Shipley

    I have a first generation Samsung Galaxy EK-GC100 with a bigger 21x zoom a smaller 16-megapixel CMOS sensor, BSI, flash, the same 8GB internal memory, and a similar microSD card slot that can hold up to a 64GB card. It takes excellent photos in good light and appears to have more or less the same software pack–but not Kitkat. Can someone please tell me why I should change to something that appears to be a downgrade of what I have now. If the quality of the camera has been sacrificed to allow it to be a phone as well. I find it much more convenient to have a separate phone so I have a backup that can do Photosphere and other photo apps. What am I missing?

  • Gary W

    Ordered. Keep the woman happy. Perfect woman phone this…

  • Elli

    Well I already have Galaxy S5 with me and not interested to purchase this. I am quite satisfied with its 16MP camera performance through which I can capture the best memorable moments of my life. The best part is its 2800mAh battery that after fully charged on wireless charging pad, runs throughout the day. I could say that it is the best phone I have ever had till date and I have no regrets of switching from iphone 5S to Galaxy S5.

  • As

    A galaxy behind the Nokia Lumia 1020.

  • Cameron

    I ordered one! Many thanks for the discount code too :-) They are also throwing a case worth £20 for pre-orders – sweet. I think £360 is a good price considering the phone part of the deal. I have the S4 Zoom and am very happy with the photo’s it produces but the phone part and bulky build I am not 100% content with. The K Zoom will address all my issues and give me better picture results too. Perfect phone for a gadget man like myself.