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Samsung Galaxy Note 4 may keep predecessor’s screen size but up resolution

Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Most of the Samsung leaks coming out of the rumor mill lately have focused on the premium version of the Galaxy S5, which could feature a 2560×1440 display. Today we’re switching our focus a bit, though, turning our attention toward another device that could feature a super high-res screen of its own.

A new leak from GSMArena claims that Samsung’s Galaxy Note 4 will feature a 5.7-inch 2560×1440 display. That’s the same screen size as the Galaxy Note 3, but the resolution is much higher than the current-gen Note’s 1920×1080 screen. The Note 4 is also rumored to feature the codename “T (Muscat).”

Details on the Galaxy Note 4 have been fairly light so far. One Samsung exec suggested that the device may feature a bendable display, but he went on to caution that nothing bas been finalized quite yet.

While we’ll have to wait and see whether or not the next-gen Note does indeed pack a 5.7-inch QHD screen, there are some reasons why Samsung could decide to go that route. While the company has increased the size of the Note from generation to generation, the 5.7-inch Note 3 is starting to get close to super-large, Galaxy Mega territory. Considering both that and the fact that a 2560×1440 display would be a notable jump in resolution from the Note 3, I could certainly see why Samsung would opt to include a 5.7-inch QHD screen in the Note 4.

What do you make of this rumor? Would you be happy with a Galaxy Note 4 that featured a 5.7-inch 2560×1440 display?

Source: GSMArena

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  • crix

    Retarded, unnecessary. Would much rather have another flawless 1080 screen (as currently in the note 3) but with ultra buttery smooth experience. Possibly with even a more sophisticated experience.

    • SGB101

      I’d rather have the extra battery life than pixels I can’t see.

      720p on my note2 I could just about see the pixels, but 720 on under 5″ is fine as 1080 for 5 to 7 inch.

      Better more effluent processor, not not quicker, and new design, whether you like the Samsung look or not, it’s now very dated and looks very old compared to the competition.

      • jake

        I’m with you on the pixels. Would prefer battery. I wonder if there will be a Droid Maxx and if so, what screen IT will have.

      • nmw407

        Definitely would prefer battery over pixels. Aside from the loss of the pen, I’m really looking at the LG G3 or Flex 2 if the specs of the Note 4 is true.

        • bob

          I really wish people would stop with the comments about battery life vs screen resolution. New screen technology will allow higher resolution AND better battery life.

    • ricardo

      Do you have a Note3?
      I turn my note3 on at 5.40am
      I use wifi the whole day. Go to the gym watch videos during my 40min running. Google, youtube, email, download and send attachments, check my website, whatsapp. My battery lasts until 4pm. After that a take my second battery (it is my option not to recharge even if recharge is incredibly fast! In 30min you might have it 100% up) and use it until late. Very often I have to use the flash to discharge batteries to avoid recharging tjem with some remained charge.

  • steve

    I would rather Samsung put a 5.9 inch screen in the note 4. There are so many phones becoming 5.5 inch as the norm, I don’t think that 5.7 is a big enough increase. Maybe they should release 2 note 4s, one with a 5.7 and another with 6 inch screen. Even better make 3, one with a 5 inch, one with a 5.7 and one with a 6.

    • ElvisonD

      Man, you’re just talking nonsense right about now

    • Tammie Becker

      I agree 100% with you Steve!!! I hope they don’t keep the Note 4 the same size as the Note 3! I really don’t understand why people say that’s too big!! Oh brother!! It needs to be at least 5.9 or 6″!!! That would be awesome!!! If they don’t enlarge it, I don’t think I’ll buy it. Bigger is better!! You can see things easier, enjoy movies better, and have a nicer gaming experience. Also, I hope they improve the stereo quality, with better clarity and bass. . . The Note 3 had really awful music quality, very cheap! And, I really hope they stop making these phones so thin and light! They feel cheap—-And, I want them to add one or two more notification lights on the front. . .so we can set up for different notifications–that would be really nice! Come on Samsung, don’t let us true Samsung followers down. Thank you! : )

  • Dirty Budha

    While a feasible rumor, and likely to be true, I think there’s other parts under the hood they can focus on. Certainly the battery should be upped, as well as the RAM and processor.

    So long as the evice looks great, functions great, has a great battery, and gets root fairly quickly, I’m very interested in it.

  • nportelli

    I’d rather they released a 4.3″ 1080p screen.

    • SGB101

      The Moto G is 720p @ 4.5″ and is superb as was the one x [email protected] 4.7″ ips. I have 20-20+ vision and could not pic out a pixel. [email protected] 4.3″ is just as overkill as the above article.

      A side note the 720p amoled on the sgs3 isn’t as sharp as the 720p lcd on the one x both at 4.7″, me and the wife had one of each and the sharpness of the X over the 3 was visible. As was the colour , but that comes down to personal choice. So that skews things maybe.

  • Oflife

    Note 4: Tone down touchwhiz, allow swiping between phone option tabs (as per HTC One, Sony Xperia Z series etc), remove the Samsung logo from the front (LG are way more subtle), replace the physical buttons with on screen versions – prodding them with a stylus is nicer amongst other things), improve the awful camera UX (very fiddly to use, such as changing the Flash mode), add an FM radio, add a physical camera shutter release button, add built in wireless charging.

    Other than that, the Note 3 is superb, in particular the display and stylus execution.

    • jake

      Must not have seen the LG logo on the G3.

  • bob

    Samsung are going the way of apple. Uninspiring point releases and useless gimmicks.

  • Dick Yarrell the troll

    I better start collecting aluminium cans so I can save up n buy this. My mommy stopped giving me money

  • Dwinch

    For the Note 4 to be perfect, it needs these:
    -Improve build quality a la HTC
    -Tone down touchwiz
    -Strip all the gimmicks
    -Make the UI more responsive
    -Have a monstrous processor
    -1080p screen min.
    -Huge battery life
    -Strip the S-crap bloatware
    -Water resistant like S5
    -USB 3.0
    -And finally get that premium feel Apple and HTC have

    I hope Samsung finally do the Note line justice, I’m a big fan of my Note 2 and hiping to upgrade in September. But I have to say the One M8 is enticing.

  • Anna

    Im very happy with the current size, any larger, my as well cash a tablet around. Battery life on note 3 is actually very good, compare 2 the past. Im actually waiting on the fold that ive seen rumors on. And resolutions is always nice, I love beautiful clear images. Keep up the great work samsung , always great quality!

  • Nostromo

    Without a bump in size for the screen the device will lack the ‘new-in-hand’ feel most expect from the Note Series. I don’t care if the screen is made from electrostatically-charged Unicorn tears and protected by 2.5 microns of indestructible diamond polymer.

  • kyaligonza moshin

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