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Samsung Galaxy S5 Active for AT&T leaks

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For the longest time, we’ve been seeing hints of the Samsung Galaxy S5 Active in various leaks and rumors. Though we don’t quite know what’s so special about it, we can imagine what would make it useful. Today, we finally have a full render of the device to look at and decided if we really want it.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Active AT&T leak

The Galaxy S5 Active is supposed to be made for “active” people, a lifestyle which I prefer not to follow. Looking at the device, it looks ruggedized to protect it from falls. While last year’s model added waterproofing and a metal back over the standard Galaxy S4, this year it needs a lot more to impress.

The Galaxy S5 is already waterproof, so that alone won’t make an Active device special. But from the pieces on the top and bottom of this device, it looks like it’ll be able to sustain some serious drops. Is this Samsung’s attempt at an ultra rugged flagship? We sure hope so!

Though we don’t know any specs of this device just yet, they should be similar to the Galaxy S5 in almost every way. Last year, the Galaxy S4 Active bumped the camera down to 8MP and used an LCD instead of an AMOLED panel, but everything else remained identical. Similar sacrifices may be made here. Would you pick one up for yourself, or is the standard version more appealing?

Source: @evleaks

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  • Jon Gonzales

    I would buy a galaxy s5 active. MAkes sense. That way i don’t have to keep spending money on new cases. I hate cases anyway but I brake my phone so much that a case is easier at preventing damage when accidents happen.

  • Eli Gaffke

    I would love the Active concept of a phone. But enough of dumbing them down. Every tradesman would buy one.

  • Bella

    According to me Standard version is more appealing then this Active version. I don’t like the physical navigation keys on Galaxy S5 Active so I really not find it much interesting. I am satisfied with my 1 month old standard Galaxy S5 as I like its water and dust resistant body, 16MP camera to capture best memorable moments, touch wiz finger print scanner for better security and 2800mAh battery that after fully charged on wireless charging pad runs throughout the day.