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Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime allegedly caught on camera


Rumors of a premium “Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime” device with a super high-res display have been swirling for quite some time, but so far we’ve yet to see any concrete evidence of the device’s existence. That might’ve finally changed today, though, as some photos and video that purportedly show the S5 Prime have made their way online.

First up, we’ve got some photos that were shared by PhoneArena. The image shows a device with a front that looks fairly similar to the Galaxy S5 that we all know, with rounded corners and an oval home button. After flipping the phone over, though, we see an aluminum backside rather than the plastic rear plate that’s found on the GS5.


The second leak that’s surfaced today is a hands-on video with an alleged pre-production version of the Galaxy S5 Prime or Active. The unit is said to be have metal on its sides and back and is slightly thicker than a regular GS5. The display is purportedly 2560×1440 resolution and is described as being more clean and crisp than the GS5’s 1080p display.

While this premium Galaxy S5 is still very much unconfirmed at this point, today’s leaks seem to add credence to the previous rumors. It’s possible that Samsung, which is known for its displays, knows that LG is prepping the G3 with a QHD display and wants to get a device of its own out with a matching resolution. There’s also a chance that Samsung could’ve wanted to put a super high-res display in the regular GS5 but was unable to for one reason or another.

What do you think of the premium Galaxy S5 shown in these leaks? Will you check this device out if it turns out to be the real deal?

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Sources: PhoneArena, TK Tech News (YouTube)

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  • Nate B.

    Not worth it. Samsung is slowly killing themselves.

    • Galaxy Primate

      Such an ugly band-aid phone. Horrific.

  • Jimmy K

    Not again, Samsung….

  • rehan

    like it

  • Eurotig

    Since Samsung choose to ignore the problem with S3 and S4 killing SD-cards and keep coming up with their lame designs…..I give up on them and actually hate them for making me spend my money on a phone that cant use SD-card because you can loose your files anytime.
    Even this “Premium model” sucks at design full of analog buttons all over .
    I cant wait for G3 to come out , no more stupid buttons all over the body that can be pressed by mistake or just by keeping the phone in your pocket, a better camera with IOS, and me personal I prefer polycarbonate plastic vs. aluminum witch is not flexible once you bump it or scratch it will stay that way.
    Some ignorant people are running Samsung for some time witch did not care about problems with their older models to do a recall and fix them “once sold the phone remain sold” thinking that this would make a hole in their profits. Also they went with same type of body from model to model without improvements or major changes.
    Samsung you start to suck big time, my respect for LG with their new G3 and FLEX model.

    • KraftyMomOf2

      Seems you don’t know your GS3 very well. I have one and a 64gig SD card in it. No problem. Tell it where I want files and pics saved to.

    • Radar

      I have been using galaxy S3 with 32GB micro-SD card for more than 1 year, and I have no problem

    • JQuest81

      When you’re the market leader, I suppose there’s very little reason to dramatically change your design. It’s like Apple in that regard. It’s also a brand recognition sort of thing. Whether or not you like the design, you can tell it’s an Apple (or Samsung ) device.

      Concerning the SD card, perhaps it’s the brand you’re working with? I’ve had the same 64GB card since the S3 across several devices (S3, Note II, S4, Note 3, and now the S5) and never had one problem. Or you could’ve just had bad luck and got a defective device…

    • Mel Sparrow

      I don’t believe Samsung will miss you, your knowledge of s3 and s4 is poor.

    • Erik

      My wife Samsung S3 has problems with 2 SD cards (I had to re-format them and .. still problems) but I didn’t contacted Samsung so I don’t know if the problem couldn’t be from some app that I or she installed … my friend with an S4 has also problems with the SD card … So I wanted to buy an s5 to my wife (and in the future s6 to me :o), but now I am seriously concerning also only because the SD card problems… and I’m waiting for the OnePlus One … Erik.

  • Raul

    thats sooooooooo ugly wtf :S

  • L8

    The video just looks like an s5 with a different rear cover. The charger connection area is raised just like the stock S5. The connector area in the photos looks a lot different to a stock S5.

  • aztlan

    I think is n9 real, why becous3 does not have the heart monitor so I don’t think is the original s5 prime…..

  • dee

    I like it,its a Samsung phone,yeah it doesn’t have some features as before but has some it didn’t. Yeah they could’ve improved in a lot of areas but they could’ve and still some on would’ve had something to say. Like the phone come out first and let’s 2 cents.

  • Eli

    Hard to comment on this iteration of the S5 because the phone in the pics and the one in the video are different. I will say this though. I like the style of the one in the pics with the beefiness of the one in the video. That said I know a lot people like thin phones but ( prime ) is the theme here and Im guessing not just in choice of materials but in software and construction. In my opinion I think these 3 factors need the bump to make it a quote ( prime ) device.

  • Bella Rose

    Although the back cover of Galaxy S5 seems to be made up of dotted Aluminum, but I don’t think that it will remain the water resistant due to use of metal. Even I have read somewhere that Galaxy S5 will launch with all three physical navigation keys. However, it don’t bother much about these rumors as I am using Galaxy S5 from last 1 month and could say that I have no regret of switching from iOS to Android with this masterpiece of Samsung. I like its water and dust resistant body, 16MP camera to capture best memorable moments, touch wiz finger print scanner for better security and 2800mAh battery that after fully charged on qi wireless charger, runs throughout the day.

  • nana

    Am now with galaxy s5 nd I he also the latest version nd Samsung Mobile Phone is better than others in application nd how to use it easy for all ages,also don’t forget LG g3 it’s really the best of the year respect to the UK htc also nd I phone