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Samsung hard at work on VR headset for use with Samsung products


With virtual reality headsets becoming the new gadget of the future, it stands to reason that Samsung would want to get a piece of the pie. According to Engadget, Samsung is planning to do just that with a new VR headset that’s in the works. Sources say that the headset will be similar to competitors such as the Oculus Rift, although Samsung is looking to beat the Oculus Rift to market. The launch is slated for the latter half of 2014.

This VR headset is said to be in the prototype and development phases, with prototype models already being available to certain developers. While these development models are powered by current-gen Galaxy phones, the final consumer model is set to run on next-gen Galaxy devices. The headset is said to feature an OLED screen which we’re going to guess will be great, judging by Samsung’s aptitude with display technologies. Unspecified is how the headset connects to the device in use. Engadget speculates that it will be a wired connection rather than wireless due to the possibility of lag with wireless connections. Like most VR headsets, Samsung’s rumored model is planned to be used primarily with games, allowing for full immersion, which is easily thrown off if there is a lag between the device and the headset.

Samsung is gunning for a launch before its competitors and to make the headset even more appealing, is hoping to undercut the price points of competitors. While it’s a good business move to be first to market, a part of us hopes that Samsung doesn’t rush this out before it’s been fine-tuned. A relapse of the original Galaxy Gear is not something to strive towards.

If this device does come to market, would you purchase one? And how much would you be willing to spend on it?

Source: Engadget

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  • MattJ

    Oh great. They’ll rush their headset out, it’ll be crap. Then they’ll soon have another version out. Only this time there’ll be 2 versions. These running on a completely different platform to the first. They’ll still be crap.

    Then Oculus will bring theirs out and nobody will buy it because everyone will think “virtual reality is shit”

  • BlazeHN

    I actually like this. I have been following the Oculus Rift since the beggining and I plan to buy it. But then Sony started to develop their own VR set for the PS4 and now Samsung doing theirs too, that is great because the more competitors, the more benefits we the consumers recive in the form of competitive price, more features, etc.

    Bring it on! I will buy the best one when they are available =)