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Sprint HTC One max updated with Sense 6


HTC has really been intent on delivering updates quickly. Even though its old devices are often left in the dust, devices from the last year are planned to get updates to Sense 6 eventually. One of those devices has now begun receiving the update, and it’s the Sprint HTC One max.

The bigger, clumsier, and dumbed down brother of the HTC One, the One max is now getting the same software you’ll find on the new One (M8). With the new update come all the new software features you’d expect from Sense 6. There is the new camera app, obviously lacking the focus features, a new HTC Blinkfeed, and many apps being moved to the Play Store. Unfortunately, Motion Launch didn’t make it to the One max. Launching apps and unlocking with swipes won’t work on this device.

The update is 537MB in size, so you should probably download it on WiFi unless you have unlimited data and some patience. Though with Sprint planning to throttle high data users, WiFi may be the better option either way. Head to settings to check for updates, and tell us when you get it!

Via: Android Central

Source: @LlabTooFeR

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  • dylan

    Downloading now.

    • Blueboy03

      Can anyone report on the button situation? Does Sense 6 give you on screen keys plus the physical ones you already had?

  • lee crossey

    When do Vodafone UK users get the sense 6 update and 4.4.3 its update ? Waiting impatiently here! Battery drain a major issue with handset and signal isssues !!!