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Sprint’s Samsung Galaxy Note II receiving KitKat update

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Samsung is on a roll updating older devices lately. First the US Cellular Galaxy S III got its KitKat update yesterday, and now today, it’s the Sprint Galaxy Note II to get the update. While not quite as old, the device is getting close to its two year birthday, when the highly anticipated Note 4 will be released.

The KitKat update for the Galaxy Note II is fairly typical, providing a restyled white status bar, full screen album art on the lockscreen when playing music, and a significant performance boost due to KitKat’s optimization. It’s a pretty nice update, despite not changing all that much, it’ll make your device feel just a little newer.

If you want this update, head to Settings to check for updates, or wait for the notification to pop up on your device. If you don’t get it today, don’t worry. The rollout might not be instant for everyone. Are there any Sprint Note II owners out there who are excited for this update? Tell us if you got the update!

Via: XDA-Developers

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  • BlazeHN

    Dude wtf, My Note 3 is stuck on JB forever, never got the Kitkat update no mather how much I check for updates. And you tell me Note 2 is getting it?

    My Note 3 is from carrier Claro (also know as Megatel/Digicel/etc at other countries).

    • Chris

      Well, the Note 2 did come out before the Note 3.. so it sounds logical to me… and probably safe to assume that will be the last version of Android it will get. Your device will probably get it’s next big update some time in the Fall.

  • Paul

    I have a Note II and have not received the update nor do I intend to put it on my handheld. They have now restricted access to the SD Card such that you can no longer run an app from the SD card though you can leave data on the card. Second, if you decide to delete an app all of the data from that app gets deleted along with it. That includes photographs as well as document and other information files. Really a poor strategy and will make a lot of people very angry if they have not backed up their data to another machine or storage space.

    Google has stepped on its crank with this one. Of course when Note IV comes out in a 128 gig version storage will no longer be a problem and external storage won’t be needed (for at least a week). I am a Computer Forensic Examiner and can tell you with a certainty that my Note II might as well be bricked if I were to use KitKat 4.4.2, the proposed update.

    • Chris

      I’m a Samsung customer myself… but judging from their releases… it’s HIGHLY doubtful a 128GB model will ever be released… at least not in the USA… I believe the Note 4 will be stingy with it’s storage space like all of Samsung’s devices… so it will just be 16/32GB version… or… if they are feeling generous… a 32/64… but trust me… Samsung won’t be releasing any 128GB phones anytime soon… they want to get rid of their old stock first… so it’s going to be another couple of years.