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T-Mobile giving away one LG G3 “Beta model” everyday for a month


Now that the gorgeous LG G3 has been fully detailed, you’re probably thinking to yourself, “I can’t wait to get my hands on one of these things!” Don’t worry, T-Mobile’s got your back. With the retail launch of the G3 still a good month away now, T-Mobile is taking the opportunity to give away a free LG G3 Beta model every day from now until June 29.

So what’s the difference between the LG G3 and G3 Beta model? Nothing special, except you get one for free before anyone else has a chance to buy it. Signing up to win is easy. Simply head on over to the source link below, enter in your email, and you’re all set. That’s all there is to it.

Of all the phones to be announced so far this year, the G3 looks like the flagship to beat. Not only does it look fantastic, but it has the specs to back it up. We can’t wait to get our hands on that 5.5-inch Quad HD display. Thanks to T-Mobile, we might get lucky and that will be sooner than later.

Source: T-Mobile LG G3 Beta model content

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  • Randall Davidson

    Can’t wait!

  • Troy Morris


  • 99steve

    I wonder how many people will be selling their s5 and m8s. If I pumped out 600 bucks a month ago I would be angry. The G3 has some new specs we haven’t seen yet

    • CJ

      Why would/should S5 and M8 users be angry? It’s not like they bought a flagship device and then the same company unexpectedly released an even better model shortly thereafter. They made their choice to buy the phone they bought with the full knowledge that LG would be announcing their flagship later in the year. Those people probably are loyal to the brand they purchased and couldn’t care less what LG had to offer.

  • Jerah

    How do we sign up for the phone?

  • rolfi

    Thanks a million

  • Billy Crossfield

    Waiting for this phone or the one plus. Just ready for a new phone

  • underseaglider

    There could be no doubt over the fact that LG, is one of the most amazing smartphone makers of the world. Since the last few years, the company has come up with several smartphones that have garnered worldwide popularity.

  • qwerty6

    A short poem on the new LG G3

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  • John Bennett

    Getting one of these beta versions of the almighty LG G3 would be a dream come true i’ve been seriously waiting for this moment!

  • jamie

    Wow as you see by the comments there’s a whole lot of hungry dogs wanting to win lol

  • aranea

    Thanks! I signed up.

  • Eddie Ramos

    I want this phone!