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T-Mobile LG G3 poses for several leaked photographs


The LG G3 has leaked out more times than I can keep track of at this point, but there is some information that’s managed to elude us so far. That is the carriers that the G3 will be available on at launch. Tonight it looks like we can add at least one U.S. carrier to the list of those that’ll give a home to LG’s next flagship.

Several images of a T-Mobile LG G3 have made their way online this evening. Shared by our friends TmoNews and @evleaks, the photos show a G3 that’s concealed in a bulky case so that the device can be used in the wild without arousing suspicion. The unit is said to feature the model number LG-D851.


The images confirm a few of the LG G3’s spec details. For example, the battery is listed as having a capacity of 3000mAh, which lines up with previous leaks. We can also see the G3’s rear button setup, the black sensor next to the rear camera that’s said to enable its “laser auto focus” feature and its QuadHD screen resolution.

On the software side of things, we can see that the LG G3 is running a skinned version of Android 4.4.2. Additionally, one image shows the G3 displaying “Connect to Wi-Fi to Make Calls” text in its status bar, suggesting that it’ll support T-Mobile’s Wi-Fi Calling service.


The LG G3 is slated to make its official debut at an event on May 27. Sources say that the G3 could launch at T-Mobile sometime in mid to late June. I’m sure that LG would like to get the G3 on all of its carriers at around the same time, and since the G2 launched on all four major U.S. operators last year, it’s possible that we’ll see the G3 hit carrier shelves in a little over a month.

Do you plan on checking out the LG G3 when it finally makes the jump from rumor to reality?

Sources: TmoNews, @evleaks

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    yes, only because the Z2 didn’t come to tmobile

    • Richard Yarrell

      I definitely won’t be getting the Lg G3 on Tmobile cause it’s the Galaxy Note 4 for me nothing else matters.

      But I am happy for Lg Electronics and all Tmobile customers who are buying the Lg G3. It definitely looks like a wonderful handset.

      • ray

        GN4 wont be out till later this year. haha Might as well get the G3 and let the GN4 come out anf fix its bugs

  • Guest

    The evleaks pic also confirms micro SD card!

    • Frank

      You might want to keep in mind that the photo from evleaks could possibly be a leak of a Korean version even though the story is about the LG G3 coming to T-mobile. The Korean LG G2s had a microSD slot and a LTE-A antannae, but not the international version. I’ll keep my fingers crossed with you though because I’d also like to see some expandable memory on the LG G3. Even though LG wants to out selll Samsung, I’m not sure microSD will happen at tht price point.

  • martin

    Uhm that top picture has very lagre bezels. Is it really the g3?

    • martin

      Og i see , ITs probably a case or something

    • mrwirez

      That big bezel is so verizon has a place to stick their big stupid logo…

      Soooo glad I switched to T-Mo!

    • joemama

      Ummm…do u read the article?

    • Set To Reflect

      No, it’s the iPhone. . . Go choke on your father’s cock.

  • nick

    Pretty sure it was in a prototype body checking out the service

  • MrCrusha

    OMG!!! MICROSD!!!

  • ashley

    It says sim card not micro SD..

    • Ayre

      Lol! That derailed quick.

      • Set To Reflect

        Lol! I have to pee.

  • Micah owensby

    This phone will beast. Octa core processor, quad hd display, I’m guessing atleast 3 gigs of ram, adreno 330, 16 mp camera with OIS, metal casing, rumored finger print scanner… top of the line along with the s5 and sony z2.

  • Micah owensby

    Just saying, though, that photo… it lacks the edge to edge display of it’s predecessor. Not likely LG will give that up. Might be a simulated screen or something.

    • joemama

      Get a clue

  • Ace

    Its not the lg g3, its jus sum they posted, we already seen the leaked device this look way different. Lol idk wat the hel that crap is up there, It doesn’t look good like earlier leaks

  • Teth

    It’s the case that makes the bezels look big.

  • Teth

    It’s the LG G3 but it’s in a case.

  • foxeye

    Can wait for Lg G3 May 27 debut

  • brian rendon

    This may sound rude but its not. I promise. Who cares is its leaked by T-mobile. People are smart and they know once the lg g3 comes out on the shelves maybe by the end of june or mid-june so they can compete with samsung and htc, better yet even at pre-order people will get it with the Jump program and they will SAVE a butt load of money to obtain that phone. I checked getting the s5 with jump…close to $60….knowing tmobile it may be at $99 then to $0 by maybe July

  • Ace

    The case make the phone look lame, an so like 2 years ago, I will not be getting that case lol

  • John Blake

    Found out why the phone pictured is so damn ugly. It’s not a case. Is for tmobile to test the hardware and software with their network and apps without giving away the design of the phone itself (even though there’s so many leaks already).