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T-Mobile schedueles Un-carrier 5.0 event for June 18


Ready for the next phase of Un-carrier?

T-Mobile announced today that it will be holding an event in Los Angeles on June 18 to announce Un-carrier 5.0. The invitation for the event includes the the tagline “We don’t play it safe and sound.”

So what is T-Mobile planning to announce at its June 18 event? Only John Legere and Co. know for sure. Some of T-Mo’s other Un-carrier moves have been pretty big, though, so it’ll definitely be interesting to see what T-Mo has cooked up now.

What do you think that T-Mobile will announce as its next Un-carrier move?

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  • Nigel

    It’s a sit down written test on how to spell the word “schedules” or is it “schedueles” ?

  • twatts723

    I have been a TMobile customer for over 7 years now, and I LOVE all of this uncarrier stuff. That being said, I get very nervous every time I see TMobile on any headline or any event because with the good spontaneous comes the bad spontaneous. They come up with JUMP, which in my opinion is the greatest add on to any plan since the smartphone age. Then they hook everyone in on a 6 month deal, then once the hook is set, they real it in from 6 months to a year. Then they’re always on the verge of being bought out by stupid sprint or customer killer at&t. They have, by a long shot, the best plans and add ons, that any change makes me nervous. It’s like a roller coaster with these people.

    • Kevin Smart

      I was a T-Mobile customer fro 1999 until the ATT deal was announced. I refuse to do business with ATT since I had a horrible experience in the mid-90s. I left T-Mobile for Sprint. Sprint was a terrible company. Voice coverage in my area is fine, but their data sucks. I had “unlimited” data, but I could only get 100-200 kbps. Once the ATT deal broke off, I went back to T-Mobile and I have been very happy with T-Mobile. Coverage has gotten much better recently. LTE speeds are regularly over 5 Mbps (when I care to check). I get free tethering. I’m very happy. Sprint STILL hasn’t rolled out 4G here (it was originally promised in 2010).

      I would be very unhappy if T-Mobile merged with Sprint, but I wouldn’t cancel my service like I did with ATT. By the way, I am working on cancelling DirecTV for my uncle because of ATT. I HATE ATT and will NOT do business with them again!

  • Dave Kratter

    They’re just going to play this video over and over again:

  • david

    Any guess, what Mr Legere is going to offer to its customers ?? Unpredictable of a turbulent mind………….

  • craig

    As someone who used to have an inside look into device development and business process, reading these headlines and being under NDA used to kill me. There IS someone reading this article who knows exactly what is going to happen, and by god I hope they have more courage than I did to tell us what’s up.