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This is what the LG G3′s Quick Window mode will look like


Pioneered by LG, made popular by Samsung and brought back by LG again, smart cases that feature a small window used for performing quick actions are all the rage these days. All of Samsung’s newer Galaxy devices have adopted the idea, as has LG’s G2. With LG’s latest flagship, the G3, just around the corner, you have to figure that it too will have some sort of first-party smart case, right? Right. And here’s what its interface will look like.

Feast your eyes on the image above, folks. LG has completely thrown convention out the window. They aren’t following the crowd, making some terrible smart case with a rectangular window. Oh no. Circles are the new squares. So the LG G3′s smart case will come complete with a circle window for doing awesome things like answering phone calls, text messaging, seeing how many calories you’ve burned and checking at least four different clocks. Probably even more.

All kidding aside, change for change’s sake is usually a terrible idea, but this actually looks kind of neat. Is a circle window for the G3′s Quick Window mode any more practical than a rectangle? No, probably not. But we suppose it’s not any terribly less practical either. Either way, the shape of the Quick Window on the G3 probably isn’t going to be what sells you on the device. That will be the gorgeous display it’s almost guaranteed to have. Or its nearly bezel-free design. Or the blazing fast processor. What do you think of the LG G3′s Quick Window mode?

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  • Dave Kratter

    I want a squircle! That’ll be bleeding edge.

  • Kalle

    The design of the circles remind me of the moto 360 smartwatch. Btw when are the release dates for the new lines of watches?

    • mattcoz

      Yeah, very reminiscent of Android Wear. Having this on a watch makes so much more sense than on the phone.

  • twatts723

    Looks like they want show yiu how much you can see in a circle, so that you can make an easy adjustment to a smart watch