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Ting device swap promo makes it easier for AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon users to switch


Ting has been allowing consumers to bring inactive Sprint devices onto its service for a while now. Folks with a phone from another carrier haven’t been able to enjoy the same support, but today Ting announced that it’s going to do something to help those people as well.

Starting today, May 22, Ting is launching an offer that’ll make it easy for AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon customers to switch to Ting. Anyone that owns one of a select group of devices can now sell their device on Glyde and then buy the same Sprint-compatible model. When they do, Ting will reimburse the difference between what they spend and what they collect in the form of a Ting credit. The eligible products are:

This promotion will run until June 30. Ting says that depending on how this offer goes, it may be expanded to include more devices, phone switching and support for more services besides Glyde.

While this promo is somewhat limited right now, it’s still a nice way for Ting to help consumers switch to its service. Plus, Ting notes that anyone that breaks their contract to switch can also get 25 percent of their ETF back thanks to Ting’s ETF Relief program.

If you’ve got an eligible device and are interested in switching to Ting, you can begin the sales process right here.

Source: Ting

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  • Notorious

    W y in t e wo ld wou d an one w nt to swi ch to a sprint n twork?

    Good Luck…..

    • Jammy

      It’s about buying a phone compatible with sprint. ting is actually an awesome service, i just wish his offer was available for the htc one.