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Two optometrist offices in California start selling Google Glass


Since last week, Google Glass has entered open beta and anyone can purchase the once exclusive wearable device. This is awesome for those who have wanted the piece of technology, but a problem with online sales is that you can’t try before you buy. Luckily, two optometrist offices in southern California are trying to fix that.

Wink Optometry and Optometrix, located in Calabasas and Brentwood respectively, have now begun to sell the devices along with the prescription frames. The frames to hold prescription lenses that Google introduced earlier this year come with the device for free, further making visiting the offices appealing. Sadly, there will be no sales, as the devices are still $1,500.

To make it even better, Optometrix has a Glass expert visiting from Google for a limited time to help people with the purchase and use of Google Glass. We think it’s fantastic that the device is spreading so rapidly, which is bound to lessen the negative stigma surrounding it. What do you think of Glass being sold in retail locations? Leave a comment!

Via: Google Glass Fans

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  • philnolan3d

    I don’t understand why there would be no sales.

    • hp420

      For the exact same reason more weren’t sold during the explorer program. They cost $1500, and are still considered a novelty accessory. Until the price drops drastically and people’s perspective changes to view it (more) as a device of necessity it will remain a low-selling product.

  • twatts723

    So if I get prescription google glasses, they’re covered by my blue cross, right?

    • Cory

      Not covered, but you may get a discount on them depending on your plan.