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Verizon readying launch of XLTE AWS network


Verizon was first out of the gate with a strong LTE network in the US, but thanks to overcapacity, it has since fallen behind the competition. It’s well known that Verizon is looking to utilize AWS spectrum in order to offset the LTE network’s current load, but exactly when Verizon plans on getting major phones on the new network has been a mystery until today.

According to some information obtained by Droid-Life, Verizon will go public with its AWS LTE network on May 19. The network will be branded “XLTE,” and among the first phones to support it will be the Samsung Galaxy S5 and the HTC One (M8). Apparently both handsets will soon receive an update that will enable them to access Verizon’s XLTE network without having much effort on the hardware side.

Verizon has long been championed as a having one of the most reliable and dependable networks in the US. With XLTE coming to 50 major markets in 2014, we imagine that that reputation will remain intact. We’d like to hear about your personal experiences with the carrier. Do you use Verizon and have good coverage, or has Big Red seen better days?


Source: DroidLife

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  • Haggie

    After seven years, I recently switched to T-Mobile because of a horrible customer service incident with Verizon. Once I switched, I found no major issues with network performance AND I was able to cut my monthly bill by over half. My wife moved off of Verizon after seeing my new phone and reduced bill. We will save enough money in the next 12 months to go on an additional vacation. We are calling it the “F**k Verizon Vacation”.

    If someone else was paying my mobile phone bill, I might consider staying with Verizon and letting them gouge me for a slight improvement in network quality, but since I pay out of my own pocket, I like to a.) save money b.) make sure the money I am spending goes to a company that values me as a customer.

    • Guest

      After having verizon for 6 years i decided to switch to tmobile. Tmobile reception was horrible. I kept missing calls and internet was dial up speeds. I cant belive they are allowed to call it 4g speeds. I never had signal at work nor home. I called care and they said they were cheaper and sorry about the signal. Good thing I had 14days to go back to verizon. I never have dropped calls and my internet is 100times faster at least it seems like. The extra $10 i was saving were not worth it. Verizon is reliable. Tmobile was a waste of time. But they have great comercials.

      • dan

        Tmobile gets only one bar of lte at my house Verizon gets 5 out of 5 bars and gets 30 megs The rest get only 5 megs or below its sad lol

        • clocinnorcal

          I get great speeds with both their fake 4G and LTE. Granted, Tmobile does not have the airwave real estate that Verizon has but if you live in a well covered area the speeds are very fast. Seems like you two maybe don’t live in a great covered area, and that is really Tmobile’s downside.

  • Matt

    I actually get faster download & upload speeds on my Verizon LTE phone than my broadband internet (charter). Consistently 50-60 Mbps. Zero dropped calls. Super happy since switching from Sprint’s sorry network.

  • Hiran Alles

    I have Verizon and my phone is faster with Verizon, but my Dad has Sprint for work and he could NOT get service at our house. My Mom, sister and I are on Verizon and we like the network especially calls, and 4G LTE. My Godmother has T-Mobile, and she gets service (2-3 bars) in her apartment but I think she gets 1-2 bars at her boyfriend’s house and our house the service NO Signal. T-Mobile has NO reception at our house or her friend’s house. Sprint is a Big NO NO. AT&T my Mom’s Friend has AT&T for cellphone, service is too spotty and billing is horrendous. AT&T has Billing Problems. And Guess what with Verizon, we have NO Dropped Calls, in fact I dont even know what a dropped call is.

  • Scooter

    I’ve had excellent customer service since I first joined Verizon in March 2004. My payments of approx. $111.32 have always been on time. I called Verizon on 05/16/2014 to ? my account about 1 discrepancy. The customer service rep removed the line charge in which is $40.00 to bring my bill down to $61 and some change for 2 years effective immediately. I re-instate my plan in June 2014 and I’m good until June 2016 @ 61 a month. Unlimited calls, Unlimited texting & 2GB of data. I’m on Wi-Fi most of the time, anyway… I highly recommend Verizon!!! When you call customer service/support, you always get connected with someone here in the US.