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Google Maps updated with Android Wear support


Ever since the Android Wear smartwatches were put up on the Play Store and given out at Google I/O, many apps have been updated to support them. Though the watches won’t be making their way to people’s homes until next month, those that attended Google I/O are lucky enough to have them right now. And of course, they’ll need some apps to use with them.

Google Maps is the latest app to gain support for Android Wear. Though it isn’t stated what Android Wear support actually means in this case, smartwatches will show the next direction (though no map visual). We have to wonder if more functionality will be included in other updates, because this seems a little limited.

It looks like Google is already updating a lot of its own apps to support Android Wear, and we can’t wait until third party developers do the same. Android Wear should really bring smartwatches into popularity.

Source: Droid-Life

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