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Minuum shows off Moto 360 round concept keyboard

Moto 360

Android Wear smart watches will undoubtedly become popular. But how will you use them to perform basic actions that require typing? Well, the most logical way would be voice actions, but they’re not always convenient. Whether it’s noisy, or you’re in an environment where it would be rude to speak to your watch, voice typing isn’t for everyone.

Moto 360 Minuum gif

That’s why Minuum has shown off its keyboard for Android Wear smart watches like the LG G Watch, as well as revealing a concept for the round face of the Moto 360. Minuum is an Android keyboard that basically has one row, where each button is actually three buttons compressed into one. You just tap the button that contains the letters, and it guesses the word for you. This both saves space and makes typing easier.

It’s pretty awesome to see what Minuum has in store for Android Wear. While Android Wear may not have full input method integration at launch, we should see it down the line. While typing on a watch doesn’t seem so comfortable, it’s sure to be a good backup in case something needs to be typed out. Watch the video for a good demonstration and tell us what you think about it!

Via: Phandroid

Source: Minuum

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  • E-man

    I want a smart watch nooooww.

  • Clarence

    smart watch is a waste of time. no pun intended.
    it serves no useful problem solving purpose.
    but i guess it’s cool to see.
    this will be a $350 fad.