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Nova Launcher updated with ‘OK Google’ hotword detection

Nova launcher OK Google hotword detection

I think this is a day we’ve all been anticipating for a long time. With the Nexus 5, Google released the Google Experience Launcher, which allows you to reach Google Now with just a swipe to the right. It also allows you to say “OK Google” at the launcher and start speaking to Google Now without needing to go into Google Now or touch the search bar. They’re great features that were exclusive to the Nexus 5.

The launcher has since been renamed the Google Now Launcher and released for all Nexus devices, but what about the rest of us? We can sideload the launcher, but we lose all of our customizations. Nova Launcher has come to the rescue, added the “OK Google” hotword detection with its the latest update and enabling feature on many recent devices.

For the “OK Google” hotword to work, your device needs to meet a few requirements. First, it needs to be on Jelly Bean 4.1 or newer, since you’ll need Google Now for this. You’ll also need a processor that has low-power active listening support, like the Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 or newer. Some other devices work as well, but you’ll need to test this out.

Hit the widget to download Nova Launcher. Give this new feature a shot; maybe it’ll pull you away from Google Now Launcher!


Via: Android Police

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  • Haggie

    Works on my T-Mobile S5 with Nova Launcher. Nice!

  • CTown

    I’m pretty sure Google Now works on Android 4.1+. So, I’m thinking any device that meets this requirement can use this feature. It’s not like this feature depends on special hardware as found on the Moto X, where one can say “OK Google” even when the phone is off.

    • uknowme

      No but now you can just say it with the screen on. Could not do that before.

    • http://www.androidandme.com Dima Aryeh

      There is a difference between the Google Now app listening when inside the app itself, and listening whenever you’re on the homescreen. The method to achieve listening on the homescreen without major battery drain uses low-power hardware found on Qualcomm chips like the Snapdragon 800 and 801. That’s how Google did it on the Nexus 5. Saying “OK Google” inside the app works on all devices that run 4.1+, but saying “OK Google” on the homescreen when using Nova Launcher will only work on devices that support it.

  • Andrew Sanchez

    Works great on my HTC One M7 from the home screen.

    Even when the screen is off, it responds to “OK Google” with the Google Now chime but its limited. If I say “send message to mike” I hear the response tone but I don’t hear the normal “Which mike?”

  • Angie

    Im lookin to upgrade so where can I trade in my baby droid?