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Samsung releases new Terrain Home launcher for all

Terrain Home

Samsung Accelerator, a part of Samsung, has released a new launcher for Android devices called Terrain Home. Unlike most of Samsung’s work, this launcher is actually pretty basic in terms of styling. It’s holo-esque and follows some Android design guidelines, like the new refresh animation found in Google Now. But it has a pretty unique twist to it.

At first, the launcher looks normal. But it has a few gestures to activate different features. In an attempt to seemingly take on Google Now, swiping from the left brings you to a screen with cards showing information. This includes weather, calendar, Facebook, favorite contacts and some system toggles. There are also more functions available to add.

Swiping from the right brings out a panel with all of your apps, including buttons for each letter to quickly go to an app. This is pretty much identical to Action Launcher, though it’s so useful I can’t complain.

Swiping up opens a search, much like Google Now. It can search through contacts, apps and the web. It’s nothing new, but it’s nice to have it a gesture away. Overall, the launcher is actually pretty cool. It’s a beta, so it needs some work, but it definitely has potential. There are also stutters in places, but updates should take care of it. Check it out if you’re interested!


Source: SamMobile

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  • Wesley

    The Google Now Launcher (and basic Android Launcher) needs access to the app drawer with a swipe from one of the edges that can work from any app. That would make the Google Now Launcher much more useful by not needing to return to the homescreen first.

    • xallies

      Your looking forhttps://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=hk.sld.SwipeLaunchDisabler

  • SGB101

    Not quite for all! No UK love 😬

  • SBM_from_LA

    I was going to test this out on my new Samsung Tablet but it says it’s not compatible with it… only with my Note 2 phone… too bad.

  • Otis

    Not all devices are supported. Google play has my xperia Z Ultra as ‘not compatible with this version’.

  • M.Bison

    Guess it’s only for samsungs if it classes Xperia Z ultra as Unsupported