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Wutzwhat takes a hand-curated approach to discovering your city

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Finding something to do in a major metropolitan area, somewhere like New York City or Los Angeles, can be a daunting task — even with help from apps like Google Now and Yelp. Instead of simply relying on things like generalized ratings and location, a new app called Wutzwhat is taking a hand-curated approach to helping plan your day or night out.

Released just last week, Wutzwhat is a gorgeous way to find everything from places to shop to hotels, events, salons, nightclubs and restaurants in a limited number of major cities. All the establishments featured in the app are hand picked, so every listing has a wealth of information.

If you’re looking for somewhere to eat near NYU in New York City, for example, you might view the listing for L’Apicio which features several professional photographs detailing the dining area, food, wine and more, a description of the restaurant, price range, hours, locations, a telephone number, website and tags to get a general idea of what they specialize in.

Within Wutzwhat you can sign up for an account to favorite locations and submit your favorite frequently visited stops to be considered for a listing in Wutzwhat. You can also connect Wutzwhat with Hailo to get a ride to anywhere listed in the app.

The only bad thing about Wutzwhat is availability. Right now, it only works in New York, LA and Toronto. And you must have an Android device on 4.2 or higher. If you happen to fall within those parameters, we highly suggest you take a look.


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