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YouTube app updated with video resolution choices


The YouTube app has long had an ambiguous “HD” button for videos. (We don’t know if HD means 720p or 1080p, but it’s very likely it was 720p). And there was no way to select anything else–just HD on or off. This changes¬†with the latest update to the YouTube app

Now you can select between 133p, 240p, 360p and 720p. This is very useful for people who frequent areas that happen to have slow mobile data speeds, and it’s nice to have manual control over such a thing anyway. An automatic mode is available as always, so users won’t be forced to deal with selecting the optimal quality.

However, we do wish that Google would allow 1080p YouTube streaming to mobile devices. With our smartphones and tablets having 1080p displays for quite a while now, such a feature would definitely be nice (especially for those who use a large tablet for watching YouTube at home). Will you be using this new feature?


Via: Phandroid

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  • Aboud


  • Nobby

    Wait what. Not trolling here but the iphone app has had that feature from day one of the YouTube app.

    I want to go to android but that don’t have their sh it together in to many aspects.

    • Daniel

      It’s true the iOS version already had this feature, but it was introduced in last October. That’s a very far cry from “day one”.

      I don’t know why it took Google so damn long to bring this to Android, but it was probably because the Android version had coarse quality settings since Android 1.6, while the iOS had nothing (neither with Google’s app nor with Apple’s) until October.

  • Ramalakshmi


  • Ramalakshmi

    Rama mal

  • Naimul

    It will be superb if it saves the settings as well

  • Salauddin

    my video upload now youtube