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12-inch Samsung tablet with 4K display spotted at French Open

Samsung 4K Tablet

Think QHD displays are overkill? Think again. 4K is on its way, and now it’s been spotted in a prototype Samsung tablet. The tablet in question was 12-inches in size and was being used to demonstrate an LTE broadcast at the French Open. Specs of the tablet weren’t known, but Techradar¬†who spotted it was told that it’s sporting a Snapdragon 801. We, however, would be surprised if a 4K tablet made it to market without the next-gen Snapdragon 805, which is designed to handle 4K.

Such a screen could be tempting for all the pixel hounds in the world, with a PPI density of nearly 400. Nonetheless, we’d rather that Samsung perfected the technology before bringing it to market, even if that means waiting a couple of months.

What are your thoughts on 4K tablets? Are they overkill?

Source: Techradar

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  • Eli Gaffke

    More importantly how good can it do in sunlight?

  • 5nd

    what is french open

  • http://muddypa.ws/blog nportelli

    For tablets? No 4k is not overkill. But I’d want a digitizer on a 4k screen. Next Note?

  • John in Brisbane

    Not overkill. My expectations have risen a lot this last year. I’ve got a 4.7 inch htc with full hd so a 12 inch tablet is lower ppi. I’ve also got a cheap 39 inch 4k panel as my pc screen and its made me see 4k as a normal thing. So long as there is the grunt to drive the pixels properly, just bring it.

  • Nigel

    Cough – Wifi speed, broadband monthyl caps, LTE speed and cell plan data caps and AUP, storage, backup. Everything else just creaks if you try to make 4K for the eyes.

    4K needs at least 15Mbit and that is compressed quality.

  • alex

    lol expect most unscaled apps
    4k is pointless on tablet and going to have shitty battery life

  • ……..

    12-inch – thats my size!

    • Sn

      Your girlfriend said it was 1.2 inches…