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Amazon smartphone could be AT&T exclusive


Amazon’s got an event coming up tomorrow and it’s widely believed that it’ll be announcing the first Amazon smartphone. This smartphone is said to feature four front-facing cameras that will track the user’s movement for a 3D UI effect. According to a new report from the Wall Street Journal, however, it could be that not everyone will have  a chance to experience this.

The WSJ is reporting that Amazon has signed an agreement with AT&T to offer Amazon’s smartphone as an AT&T exclusive. Whether this is a temporary or permanent exclusive, we know not. The deal makes sense, as Amazon is new to the smartphone game and has partnered with AT&T in the past on Kindle tablets. Sadly, though, carrier exclusives also hurt customers by either forcing them to switch carriers or else go without a device, most opting for the latter choice. We’ll keep our hopes up that this is a temporary exclusive and that Amazon’s smartphone will eventually make it to all of the major carriers.

What are your thoughts on carrier exclusives? Good or bad?

Via: The Verge

Source: WSJ

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  • Ampers

    I use Linux because I won’t be dictated to by Microsoft or Apple. And saved thousands doing so.

    I would never be dictated to, to change carriers. I’ll stick to my S5. At least till the S6 arrives!

  • aolle

    locked down phones go hand and hand with ATT

  • ignar

    I generally hate exclusive, but if this exclusiveness garners a special (discounted) plan, I’m fine with that. If Kindle phone becomes a hit, it’d be a matter of time that it will be available on other carriers.

  • jerrbomb

    I know I might seem like a troll by saying this and probably will get major down votes for this but exclusives should be the way of the dinosaur… It’s bad for competition and for customers who are on a different carrier… It’s good for ATT.. But we have seen what happened to the Moto X when it made the Moto maker exclusive to ATT… Maybe once upon a time exclusives were great.. Like the iPhone with ATT or the Droid line with Verizon.. But we are past that… This could end up hurting Amazon in the end or help them… And this is only if the rumor is true… Personal.. I’m not a fan of amazon’s forked version of android… But hey… The offer beast prices…

  • John Patrick

    Bummer if true. Means I’ll never own one.