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Android ‘L’ update may have appeared in leaked screenshots


Just days ahead of the start of Google I/O, some screenshots that may show the next major version of Android have leaked.

The images were discovered by Reddit user Doopl and were found in Google’s Chromium Tracker. They’ve since been removed.

The screenshots include several features that we haven’t seen in previous version of Android. Those include an “L” in the status bar as well as a bell icon that Android Police says could be part of a new “limited notifications” setting. It’s said that Android “L” could have new pop-up notifications, and that activating the “limited interruptions” mode could prevent those from appearing.


We can also see that the Chrome window appears to be floating on the screen, and we can see part of it resting beneath the Android navigation buttons. This version of Chrome also includes rounded overflow buttons rather than the square ones that we’re used to seeing in Android.

While we won’t know for sure if this is the “L” version of Android until Google actually announces the thing, there’s certainly some evidence to suggest that this is the real deal. We’ve heard that Google is prepping a design overhaul for Android, and it’d make sense for that design to be in testing over in Mountain View. It’s also worth pointing out that these screenshots come from a device with a screen resolution of 1280×768, which just so happens to match up with the Nexus 4.

Do you think that these screenshots come from a device running Android “L”?

Via: Android Police

Source: Reddit

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    Isn’t it too soon to have the next version of Android out?

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