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AT&T raises device activation fee to $40


Whenever you buy an on-contract device from a carrier, you’re expected to pay an activation fee on top of the money you pay for the product itself. At AT&T, this used to be a $36 fee, but it was raised to $40 on June 8. Whether you feel it is just for them to charge this fee just for activating your device isn’t really the point, though feel free to speak your mind in the comments.

This increase raises AT&T’s upgrade fee above all other carriers in the US. Part of the reason for this is to push people onto the AT&T Next program. But if you want to stick with the regular plans, you’ll have to pay $4 extra for each upgrade now.

This doesn’t sound like a big deal, but considering how expensive AT&T is in general, it’s a little disappointing that the company is trying to charge its customers even more. I guess this is exactly why people are switching to T-Mobile lately. What do you think of this more expensive fee? Leave a comment!

Via: Android Police

Source: AT&T

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  • MyMilan

    That was the straw that broke the camels back. It will be cheaper to switch to T-Mo then to keep AT&T.

  • duffguy123

    Seems like it’s just nickel & diming its customers. They have approximately 116 million subscribers. If half of them upgrade in 2014, that’s $232 million extra (as compared to the $36 activation fee) for just doing something anyone can do: activating a phone.

    My wife has Sprint and I switched her HTC Evo LTE with an HTC One. I did it through their website and it was no big deal. Why do any of the carriers charge this fee? Now, they broke the norm and went higher instead of lower. I believe people will shrug it off & say, “It’s just $4 more dollars compared to the $200 I’m spending to upgrade”.

    • thel0nerang3r

      It’s so they can advertise “new phone for $199″ as opposed as “new phone for $239″, for some odd reason, we humans are bad at numbers. There is a big psychological difference between “199″ and “200″. You wee that why many products are X.99 as opposed to being the 1 cent more.

  • Trailrunner1974

    I think it’s Bullshit! I left AT&T three years ago for the same reason. I switched to T-Mobile and haven’t looked back since.

  • Bart

    I think activation charges are wrong all the way around. The carriers are already making money “hand over fist.” However, regarding the $4 increase–when I reflect that I spend more than that for a grande beverage at Starbucks multiple times a week, it really isn’t that big of a deal. I mean, think about it — four bucks that will last you 2 years or four bucks that lasts until your next pee stop.

  • Ronnie Bass

    I think AT&T is geting crazy i dont get know signal out were i lived i pay for 3 lines and 140 dollars and no signal thats bull crap now u raise the activation fee is bull crap but if something not done something out here when my contract is up im.switching verizion because my oldest daughter got it pay to go phone she gets signal were ever she goes in the house so i live in marble hill hwy ff 4 miles out and no signal thats crap so my 3lines is going be over around november and last one january and im droppin att and going verizion so keep it in mind that u could change this i cant afford one those boxes u could send me one free see if it works its a box pulls in signal when i call u guys tell me what it is its a booster for pull in signals so u want to call me its ok might get voice mail but when i get signal i will call u back leave ext also thanks just call this number i tell i deserve a free box pull signal i paid alot for this phone bill for years 4 yrs and no signal been with u all for 2002 so call this number i get back with u please thanks. 573-238-5111

  • SGB101

    Wow, does all US carriers do this ‘activation fee’ stuff? Lol, they should give you offers and bonuses for choosing them.

    This is F’d up!

    • banana

      Nope, AT&T is just to big for its britches. And will fail soon enough.

  • sly

    I am consistently surprised at how much service costs in the US. Here in the UK I get unlimited minutes, unlimited texts, 5GB 4G data for £14 per month.

    • sly

      Oh I forgot to mention that there is no activation fee.

    • banana

      All UK carriers are not like that the main issue with the US is its huge with population spread all about. Meaning to get a good population coverage you need way more towers, people taking care of those towers, the connection to them. These things raise rates and since technology is always advancing its just more money into the pit? That being said there are some cheap mvno’s for instance mine costs me about 10$ so about 6gbp.

  • Michael

    I think it is BS too. I recently upgraded and challenged them on it and the ATT rep, working, through his script, told me “well we have to prep the phone”
    I said that is your cost of doing business.
    The said “These fees are an industry standard”
    I said so you’re in collusion with other providers.
    I said you’re not charging people for the Next plan so you can push them onto the Next plan which is extended.
    I said I want keep my monthly low AND you’re gouging me for keeping the same plan I’ve had for 6 years AND I’m paying you upfront so I’m saving you finance fees. They ran out rationalization a FINALLY WAIVED the 40 dollar fee.