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AT&T Samsung Galaxy Note II finally receiving KitKat


Many people have been asking about updates to the AT&T Samsung Galaxy Note II. Apparently it’s a very popular device, and with its good specs and serious power under the hood, I am not surprised. Thankfully, the many owners of this device are getting a treat from Samsung and AT&T, because the device is being updated to Android 4.4.2 KitKat!

The update isn’t huge, but it’ll be very appreciated by most. KitKat didn’t bring many obvious visual changes to the table, but the significant performance boost should make the aging device feel better and last longer. Other than that, you’ll get a new white status bar, new lock screen media controls with full screen album art, wireless printing and more.

It’ll definitely be a good update to download, as KitKat has already improved quite a few older devices. If you’re interested, head to Settings and check for updates, or just wait for the notification to come to you as the rollout progresses. Do you still rock an AT&T Note II? Leave a comment!

Source: Samsung

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  • McLovin

    TMO? Hurry up cause in 6 months I’ll be on a Note 4.

  • Dana

    Updated first thing this morning, and I am pleased to see the camera on my lock screen now. Update was fast and easy.