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AT&T Samsung Galaxy S III receives update to KitKat 4.4.2


Samsung is known for supporting old devices well. The Samsung Galaxy S II was updated from Gingerbread all the way up to Jelly Bean 4.1, with many smaller updates in between, giving it a lifespan of almost two years. However, it looks like the Galaxy S III will beat that record by quite a bit. The AT&T model is getting its KitKat update today–over 2 years after the device’s launch.

The KitKat update is exactly what you expect, adding a new white status bar, wireless printing, an improved album art on the lockscreen, a significant performance boost and more. All the standard stuff of Android 4.4.2. You’ll also be able to use Google Wallet Tap and Pay now. And of course, more bloatware.

It’s fantastic to see such an old device be supported so far down the line. Good on Samsung for keeping it up to date. If you’re the owner of an AT&T Galaxy S II (and I know quite a few), head to Settings to check for updates, or wait for the notification. Tell us when you get it!

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  • wizardpc

    Failed for me. After downloading, it prompted to reboot the phone. Went straight into 4.3 and after the home screen fully loaded i got a message that the installation was interrupted.

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    Ahhh…. The last Galaxy that was worth something to me. It was a perfect phone in my eyes. I’m glad to see it is still relevant enough to be updated.