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Google announces Google Fit to help you better track your health

Google Fit

Today at Google I/O, Google announced its new Google Fit platform, a service to aggregate and collect your fitness data in one area. The platform is a collection of APIs that can be integrated into health and fitness apps to bring them into the Google Fit web. Once the user gives permission, the app can have access to all of a user’s fitness data and work from there, allowing for more functionality within a single app.

Wearables are a big part of Google Fit, as info from them comes straight to Google Fit. Two of the biggest names that are participating are Adidas and Nike, with Nike announcing that it will integrate its popular Fuel points system into Google Fit for other apps to use. The Google Fit SDK should be available to developers within just a couple of weeks.

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  • steven

    how is this similar/different than what APPLE announced. Thats what i want to know about al of todays releases


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