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Google further details the new wearable platform to beat: Android Wear

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We know quite a bit about Android Wear. Information on the wearable platform has been leaking and popping up everywhere since its initial announcement back in March. Today, at Google I/O, we got a full demo of everything we’ve seen over the last several months in what looks like a finished product.

Android Wear is much more than just an accessory for your smartphone. It’s an extension, automatically syncing your every move between every Android running device you own. It’s contextual and much like Google Now, it learns from your everyday actions. If you frequently order food through Eat 24 at around 6 p.m. when you’re still at the office, your Android Wear device will take that information into account and provide you with a streamlined way to get dinner ordered to wherever you want in under 20 seconds.

Apps on Android Wear are extensions of apps you already have on your phone. When you update on your Nexus 5, apps will update on your LG G Watch. Because of this system, apps are in perfect harmony between your devices. Information is presented on beautiful, easily digestible cards that can be scrolled through and swiped around. Flick one off your watch screen, and your phone will react accordingly. Reading a recipe on your phone? That same recipe will appear on your Android Wear device with step-by-step directions that sync between devices. So you’re always caught up no matter where you look.

Voice actions really shine on Android Wear, where they can be used to take notes, set alarms and everything in between. If the demo for Android Wear at Google I/O is anything like the finished product, and it certainly looks that way, Android Wear will be the new wearable platform to beat. It’s smooth, rich and more than just another screen for notifications. We can’t wait to get our hands on a finished Android Wear product, something we’ll be able to do much sooner than later.

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