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Google Glass gets multitude of updates including 2GB RAM and new Glassware


And here we go. The rush of Google news surrounding Google I/O has begun. The Google Glass team is kicking things off with all sorts of Glass news, and we’re going to get started by talking about the latest software coming to Glass. Here’s a list of all the new Glassware that’s going to be rolling out:

  • Runtastic
  • 94Fifty Basketball
  • The Guardian
  • Duolingo
  • GuidiGO
  • Allthecooks
  • Zombies, Run!
  • Star Chart
  • Shazam
  • Goal.com
  • Livestream
  • musiXmatch

What we’re seeing is a solid set of new Glassware that has the potential to be extremely handy. Shazam, for example, can recognize a song with the simple command, “Ok, Glass, recognize this song.” Star Chart as well should be especially useful for those who look to the night skies.

A software update is also rolling out to Glass containing a couple of new features. The first is a viewfinder, that pops up when you say, “Ok, Glass, show the viewfinder.” A viewfinder will appear to help you better frame your shots, at which point you can take a picture by either using a voice command, pressing the camera button, or simply winking. Two new Google Now cards are bundled in with a card for remembering where you parked your car and then navigating you back to it, as well as a card for tracking packages. Neat stuff.

The final announcement is that Glass has a hardware change. Glass Explorers have asked for better performance, so the Glass team is rewarding them with a bump up to 2GB RAM inside Glass. All future Glass models will ship with this upgrade, although it appears that current Glass Explorers will not get a free upgrade to the new model containing 2GB RAM. Bit of a shame, but they can’t just give away Glass for free.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on the new features. But remember that this is only the beginning of what Google has in store, so in the words of Samuel L. Jackson, “Hold onto your butts.”

Via: Google Glass (Google+)

Source: Google Glass (Google+)

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  • http://www.androidandme.com Nick Sarafolean

    Bonus points if you read the first sentence in the Joker’s voice.

  • Jim45

    1985: In 2014, even glasses will have 2GB of RAM!
    Bill Gates: No fvcking way, 640kB ought to be enough for everybody!

  • Dirty_Azkals

    “Bit of a shame, but they can’t just give away Glass for free.”

    What kind of crap is the whole “Explores” program? They already paid for a prerelease $1.5 k tech. Swap out the older Glass and sell them as refurbished, even at $500 it will sell. This point it seems a “consumer” version is a pipe dream. It’s hoping across the pond for the similar UK pricing.

    It’s like buying one of those in-progress Steam game that never gets completed but anyone can buy. It may not be finished but it’s the consumer version to me when it’s avaliable in wide release to anyone who wants to pay.

  • Tito!

    Why did I read: alltheco*ks, instead of allthecooks? oops