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Google Now brings up quick links for music apps when you do a music search


Google Now has a new trick up its sleeve. When you perform a music search with Google Now, it brings up quick links to listen instantly via your favorite music apps. Of course, the usual search results also pop up, but it knocks out the hassle of having to close Google Now, open your music app, search for the song, artist, or album, and then play it. One quick tap will bring it straight to you via your music app of choice.

So no, this news isn’t earth-shattering, but it’s a good example of how Google is constantly working to make Android more intuitive and efficient. And let’s face it, we’ve all searched for music before and wished we could play it in our app straight from the web.

What’s your favorite feature of Google Now?

Source: Google (Twitter)

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  • happydan

    My favourite feature is how sometimes the cards don’t show up and you can’t type in the search box until you reset the device.

  • breaking news

    google now and luis suarez – a deadly combination (he perished the boxheads) +36

  • Vijay

    Seems like direct competition with Amazon’s new Firefly program, on their new flagship mobile device!

  • Mohak Saxena

    Err… Is that music player in pic of Google Now or third party player? Its cooler than the app feature itself xD