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Google to announce Auto Link car system at Google I/O

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It seems like Google’s goal is to infiltrate every aspect of our lives. To be honest, I don’t mind. The way Google has already improved my life with things like Android, Google Now and especially Google Maps, I’m down with the company giving every market a shot. Next up, Google will be unveiling Auto Link at Google I/O.

Auto Link will be Google’s car-based system. It isn’t a full system that can connect to your smartphone, but one that uses your Android smartphone to work. It will be shown off this month at Google’s event, but the manufacturers that will use it will not be announced. However, because so many companies are part of the Open Automotive Alliance, we could see mass adoption of this system.

Stakes are high, as Apple has already announced its own system called CarPlay. However, more people use Android than iOS, so integrating Auto Link would make more sense on a wider scale. Obviously, auto manufacturers should offer both options to consumers¬†(and if they switch smartphones, we wonder how many thousands of dollars it’ll cost to swap the system).

It’s awesome to hear that Google has been working on an in-car system, and I can’t wait to see it unveiled. Hopefully it’ll be released in custom head units for those of us who drive older cars. Do you think having your Android phone being displayed on an in-dash display is a good idea? Leave a comment!

Source: Automotive News

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  • SGB101

    I’ve said many times, all I want in my car dash is a dumb screen and some nice speakers. Hand the rest of to my phome.

    Automotive industry moves to slow to ever be current with gadgets.

    Leave a cd player in there for the not technically minded folk, then everyone wins.

  • mattj

    Hopefully stereos, manufacturer supplied or after market, will support Auto Link as well as CarPlay in the same unit. Plug your Android in and Auto Link starts, plug your iOS in CarPlay starts. Unless of course Google and Apple start making exclusive deals.