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Latest Android Dev Blog post details creating for Android Wear, shows off LG G Watch and Moto 360

Moto 360 Android Dev Blog

The Android Developers Blog always has something interesting for and from developers, but regular folks can enjoy what’s posted there as well. Today’s post centers around the challenges and benefits of developing for Android Wear, Google’s SDK for getting Android on wearable devices like smart watches. In the post, two developers design a walking tour app for both the LG G Watch and Moto 360.

The post is a very interesting one, detailing how development for these devices has to focus on what content to show and how to show it, instead of fitting content on a regular display. Not only are you working with a much smaller display, but you also need to remember smart watches are used in a completely different way. I definitely recommend giving the entire thing a read.

However, we couldn’t help but fangirl over the photos of the two devices shown in the blog post. The Moto 360 obviously tickles my fancy a little more than the LG G Watch, but it’s great to see real world photos of both on people’s wrists and showing an app design on the display. But boy is the Moto 360 huge. Still, I want one!

LG G Watch Android Dev Blog

The LG G Watch is also fairly large, but without the round display, it saves some space. It looks nice and classy, but more discrete. I can definitely say I would wear one myself. We hope you enjoyed seeing both devices outside of renders or edited product images, because we sure did. Tell us what you think of the two devices, and which is better, down in the comments!

Source: Android Developers Blog

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  • NasLAU

    Moto is going to need a smaller version if they want women to buy it.

    • surethom

      Not just for women, unless you have massive bodybuilder wrists this will look very large on a mans wrist, for your average bloke’s wrist a slightly smaller diameter will be useful.

    • miami cheat

      bigger is better, my gf says and she prefers black over white

  • surethom

    Hope moto are going to also make a slightly smaller one?

    • miami cheat

      the smaller one will be in white color

    • Gilla87

      Hope they make a slightly larger one as well

  • yjyuhjkyu

    lol the moto looks like Nest Thermostat