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Leaked Motorola codenames point to new entries in Droid family


At this point it’s well established that most major phones are released in one year intervals. If Motorola follows the same path Samsung, HTC and Apple have, that means we’re right around the corner from a Moto X and Droid family refresh. Today, we’re getting our first look at a leak that might signal new Verizon Droid phones are in the works.

By digging through Motorola’s Bug2Go software, Hello Moto HK has unearthed several Motorola device codenames for unreleased devices. There’s Xplus1, xWatch, xClock, Titan, Quantum and Uline. Some of these are very obvious, while others take a bit more detective work to figure out.

In the listing for Xplus1, it’s also tied to a ton of US carrier and regional names. So as if the incredibly obvious codename wasn’t enough, this has to be for the Moto X+1. xWatch and xClock are also obvious. We assume they are two different Moto 360 variants. From there, things get more interesting. The name Titan has been leaked in the past with no details attached, and Quantum is completely new. They could be other entries into the Droid series, a new Moto G or something else entirely. Your speculation is as good as ours. Uline is a little less of a mystery because it’s attached to the name Verizon and VoLTE. Which means there is a very good chance Uline is a new Droid device that will come with access to Verizon’s Voice over LTE network.

There are unfortunately few details surrounding the codenames other than what’s listed above, but nonetheless they are something to watch out for in the future.

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Via: DroidLife

Source: Hello Moto HK

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  • boone simpson


    Quantum is not new, it is a rumored successor to the Ultra

  • Motorola 我们是中国人

    Motorola Deadinthewater and Motorola Welefttexas were leaked as well

  • jake

    As someone on Verizon who must root, but also likes removable batteries and updates, I may have to graduate to a Motorola Maxx Developer phone. Been on Samsung for three phones now but they appear to be over for Verizon rooters and Developer addition never updates and gets no support. We’ll see if the G3 can be rooted/bootloader unlocked and if it is too large for comfort.