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LG releases QCircle SDK to developers, along with three other SDKs


The LG G3 is a great phone that deserves great accessories. One of those accessories is the QuickCircle case, which is similar to Samsung’s S View case in that it has a window that lets users view and interact with certain features on the lock screen. The QuickCircle uses a circular design, so it requires a bit of a change to the build of the app being used for it to format correctly with the shape. That should be easier and more prevalent with today’s release of the QCircle SDK.

The QCircle SDK will allow devs to create apps that easily interact with the QuickCircle case, which should be welcome for LG G3 owners. Three other SDKs are also launching, the first being the QSlide SDK that will let apps take advantage of the split-screen experience that’s available on LG phones. The QRemote SDK is used for allowing apps to use the IR blaster on LG phones, enabling it to become a universal remote, and the QPair SDK allows LG phones and tablets to pair with one another for things like seamless texting and calling between both devices. All in all, it’s a strong group of SDKs that should allow apps to have a better experience on LG phones.

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ENGLEWOOD CLIFFS, N.J., June 9, 2014 — LG Electronics today announced the availability of its new QCircle SDK (software development kit), enabling Android developers to hook into simplified UI features unique to its latest flagship smartphone, the LG G3. Joining LG’s QSlide Function and QRemote SDK, which are also based on features inherent to LG devices, the LG QCircle SDK provides a new opportunity for developers to tap into LG’s popular G series smartphones for an enhanced user experience.

LG — the maker of the acclaimed G smartphone series, LG G Pad 8.3 tablet and innovative, curved LG G Flex — will give Google I/O attendees the exclusive chance to explore LG SDKs during the second annual LG Developer Event on June 24 from 6 p.m. — 9 p.m. at the W Hotel in San Francisco. During the evening event, LG mobile engineers will provide technical talks and deep dive walkthroughs of each LG SDK.

Developers attending the event will be treated to special giveaways, as part of LG’s Developer Loaner Device Program. The LG Loaner Device Program gives developers access to build and test their apps on the newest LG devices. By arming developers with the latest software, hardware and app store channels, LG is facilitating faster innovation so developers can focus on monetizing their apps.

Simple is the New Smart

LG SDKs that will be featured at the 2014 LG Developer Event include QCircle, QSlide Function, QRemote:

LG QCircle is a new folio case that lets users receive and interact with basic functions of their smartphone directly from the round QuickCircle window, without having to open the case. With the new LG QCircle SDK, developers can enhance their apps with this redefined UX, making their apps compatible and directly accessible from the QuickCircle window.

LG QSlide Function amps up multitasking, letting users open multiple apps that can be resized and moved to float on the screen. Developers that leverage the LG Qslide Function SDK, simplify toggling between apps that can be resized into small windows that users can still see even when they run other apps.

LG QRemote enables LG smartphones to easily become universal remote controls that are compatible with many different IR (infrared) home entertainment systems. The LG QRemote SDK provides APIs to control IR-controlled devices easily, so developers can quickly enable their apps for the connected home.

LG QPair is a feature that provides a seamless environment between Android phones running Android 4.1 or later and LG tablets. With the QPair SDK, set for release soon, developers can create interesting apps that run over the QPair connection. For example, calls can be received, messages can be sent and SNS can be updated on one device while simultaneously being synced with other devices.

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