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Moto G now receiving Android 4.4.3 update with Motorola Alert in tow

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Motorola continues to be fantastic with providing timely updates: the next device to get the latest version of Android is the Moto G. Specifically, Moto G devices purchased in the US or Brazil. The update to Android 4.4.3 brings performance fixes, updated Phone and People apps and probably more (it’s not perfectly clear what 4.4.3 brings).

With Android 4.4.3, Motorola has also included the Motorola Alert app. This app will be useful in case of emergencies, allowing you to send loved ones notifications and keep track of them in case of emergencies. It’s especially useful for children. This same app will be available on the Moto X when it gets Android 4.4.3.

Motorola has been very speedy about pushing out updates for its devices. Good on Motorola for taking on a significant issue that has plagued Android manufacturers for years and defeating it in the process. If you own a Moto G, head to the settings and check for updates. And tell us if you get it!

Via: Android Community

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  • mayur Jadhav

    Not receive update here in India

  • mayur Jadhav

    Not receive updates here in India

  • moto g slave

    good update for this chinese phone formerly made in texas now made everywhere else

    • http://www.androidandme.com Dima Aryeh

      The Moto G was never made in Texas, nor is the company Chinese.

      • jules

        Of course its chinese, Lenovo dosent feck around with american ceos

        • Ron

          Motorola was founded and is based in Chicago. Get ya facts right before shouting around that Motorola is Chinese. Just coz Lenovo is doesn’t mean Motorola is.

  • manuel martinez

    Haven’t received any update here in the US.

  • Arty

    Haven’t received an update yet.(Ukraine)

  • motogod

    Nope ( India)

  • Dragos

    Updates for Asia version not recieived yet !

  • SGB101

    No news on UK yet

  • Rahul

    Not received any update. India

  • penguins

    Selecting a smartphone can be a tedious task, when such a wide selection is available.It is best to go with the model that has the latest OS because features and functions are also up to date and unique.

    • Lyle Graff

      Where you from if you got update on motog?

  • Amy

    Got my update last Friday.

  • kth

    I haven’t received mine yet in Stone Mountain Ga outside Atlanta

    • catsgotmy

      Got mine. White,Ga

  • Harshaa Sampath

    No updates in India..

  • naheem uk

    Updates are USA and UK so far. But depends on carrier. Also its done in blocks so not every phone will be able to update at exactly the same time. Or moto/Google servers would crash. Rollout can take up to 2 weeks

    • Joules Munoz

      What is with the unlocked ??

  • Rishabh

    not received yet :(

  • vamsi

    nooo…i didn’t receive any update in india..

  • Raqib

    nope didn’t receive the update in Canada

  • Josh

    Got update week ago Bahamas

  • Josh

    TGot update a week ago Bahamas

  • Ram Sridhar Puppala

    Fantastic update from Motorola. Motorola Alert is mind blowing ….in emergencis Alert app is very usefull. It worked for me.
    Hats off to Moto

    • Akash

      Are you from India? And using Indian version of Moto G?

    • kumar

      Which one ur using, moto x or moto g dual Sim.

    • George Bailey

      You seem like an Indian… when did you get the update in India?

  • dennis beyard

    I have not got the update and I am in the US, am I going to get the update anytime soon?

    • zach

      Dennis I’m from Chicago and I didn’t get it either…

  • Anonymous

    Not yet (India)
    Mr. Ram Sridhar
    Are you from India? Have you got the up update?

  • ravi sachin

    Still not came

  • ravi sachin

    Still not updated in india

  • Srikanth


    My Nexus 5 got updated to Android 4.4.3 today morning

  • manoj ratanpara

    not get update in india

  • Waffle

    No update yet , Ontario Canada .

  • vicky

    No update so far in India. Got my Moto G via flipkart

    • gkp

      As per Motorola has been released only for us and Brazil. It will take time but I personally think it is nothing great.Too much hop ha about nothing.

  • sushil sharma

    Not received yet…..y u people make fools.till now my mobile is running with on and off mobile network……. Fix that problem in india.
    Every comment i saw .nobdy has received the update then y u r making a hype of that.

  • graham

    Not got mine yet UK

  • Rafisam Sameen

    Not yet for my device updates.it still shows your phone is up to date. I am curious to update pls help me.

  • vijay das

    No update for moto g india as of yet !!!….infact it has’nt landed to india as per the geek news. Am desperately awaiting for the update as it fixes various bugs especially those facing battery and heating issues.

  • anil

    Not yet received 4.4.3 update here in India for moto g dual sim version.

  • pratik S

    You will get it in a month.

  • Paul gbadegbe

    not receive in Ghana yet.

  • Muhammad Saleem

    Waiting for the update in Pakistan as well.

  • vasudha sharma

    When r we receiving latest version in india :( ??

  • nn india

    My 4 received the update last week

    However my 5 and 7 (2013) have still not received it. .and not sure if my 10 will ever get it.

  • Karan

    Not in India

  • nn – india

    Lol …in India yes…

    One of my friends too got it…in India on his 4…

    And b4 you mention that 10 is not available in India, the 5 is the only one I picked up in India.

    Last time it took almost 2 + weeks to get all my devices updated (xcept the 5…I did not have it). I am not losing sleep over it..or checking manually for updates.it will come in eventually.


    Iam from INDIA! No updates were found till now!
    Please make it possible faster!!!

  • David

    When we will get the update for India

  • junihh

    I buy my Moto G (global version) in Amazon US. I got the update last Friday.

  • mukul

    When to be updated in India for moto g sooner or it would takes time….???

  • Delanie

    Kudos, You just can’t go wrong with Moto.#Motofan

  • thakur

    No update in India and Motorola customer care has no clue here one of the chap in moto help had audacity to say that it released by Google and not received by Motorola …that was a LOL support chat …I have saved the screenshot too

  • hemant

    Yet no update in India

  • prathith shetty

    My nexus 7(2013) and moto g still not received.I read about guidelines and links to annually set up 4.3 on 7,however am not confident enough to tweak around.(in India)

  • Nod

    No update receive yet for my moto g here in Ireland

  • Narendra Singh

    No updates for India..but nexus 5 updated

  • Mayank Dugar

    Haven’t recieved any update for Moto G in India!!

  • XXX

    No update in Papua New Guinea

  • nn india

    Just got my updates for 10 ,7 ,5.

    4 updated last week

  • Arron Hall

    I was eagerly waiting for this update on my Moto G. Once I fully charged my device through Dual USB Car Charger, I will definitely consider updating 4.4.3 version on my device.

  • Pandurang

    Can someone pls explain why the updates are region specific and not global? Too much load on motorola servers?

  • Shubham Dhamaniya

    í ½Ã­¸• No Updates in India yet..(INDIA)

  • shaun

    Got mine in Australia last sat the main difference your contacts in the phone other than that nothing that I noticed

  • zach

    No update here in Chicago for my new moto g that I bought a month ago… Let’s hope it gets here quick.

  • josh

    Updated on 06/08/2014 moto g us model

  • Vinay Kumar

    I have a US version phone that I am using in India. I got the updates last weekend. I really like the new dialer it comes with. It seems like my battery usage has come down since the update. Thank Moto.

  • nn india

    The updates are not country specific. As a user, you have a random chance of getting the update rolled out to you. The link below will explain

    “As Dan Morrill explains here, updates roll out in batches, starting with 1 percent of all devices in the first 24-48 hours. The team checks for problems, and if everything goes to plan, proceeds to update the next batch, typically consisting of 25 percent of devices. So the percentage of updated devices goes from 1%, to 25%, to 50%, to 75%, to 100% over a period of 1-2 weeks.

    And here’s the thing — the devices that go into each batch are randomly selected once for each batch.”

  • nn india
  • 43664

    no update in murica

  • addie

    not yet reicevd

  • Oflife

    Photo shows a Moto E!

  • Ian

    No update yet in Scotland but can’t connect server must be overloaded

  • pulkit

    Not yet received 4.4.3 update here in
    India for moto g dual sim version.

  • swapnil

    Yes I got the update and I don’t see any new ui changes on good autofocus speed of camera .

    • Skye winter

      Hi when did u get update as in UK nothing yet on all 3 my moto phones moto g and moto x..

  • Jazlyn Harris

    Havent recieve mines yet. And im in Georgia with Verizon !

  • ty

    nothing here in va in usa :(

  • Jeremiah Waverley

    Ive been waiting and I haven’t gotten it. I have a Motorola Moto G 4.4.2 and Ive checked day after day and Still nothing

  • Ashhar

    I am a moto g user in India..I’m not got update for my moto g

  • Nicu

    I’m from Romania, I have the dualsim 16gb version, asiaretail no update as of yet. Still stuck at 4.4.2 and 171.44.31 while other countries got 176 update or recently 4.4.3, not fair, really!

    • Dragos

      Frate se pare ca mai avem o luna de așteptare, varianta dual-sim nu e gata.

  • bbb

    USA Moto Gon US Cellular’s network – no update yet.

  • aravinth

    No update for me in India

  • Mayur

    No update found in moto g in India plzz tell date when u relised the update for dual Sim moto g in india

  • Callum

    On 4.4.2 with android alert…

  • love413

    I have not received my update to 4.4.3 yet and I’m not happy about it!!!!! I have moto g

  • swastik

    No update till now in india

  • Larry

    No update yet in Ohio! Thought it was suppose to be soon!!

  • Jayendra V Chauhan

    I have not received the update yet for mottoG

  • Guest

    No update in Germany yet

  • Guest

    Moto G XT1033. No updates in India till now.

  • Skye winter

    Nope my moto x and both my moto G phones not got no update for 4.4.3 yet in my country england yet..

  • Larry

    Today, June 26, still nothing on my Moto G. USA.

  • Larry

    Today, June 26, still nothing on my Moto G. USA. When will I get????

  • Parvez

    Not yet got [email protected]

  • Ajay Kumar H.N

    When we will get 4.4.3 kitkat update in india

  • Dinesh

    Iam using Moto G. No updates in India till now.

  • zeeyan

    Can we flash the update file of moto g us version 4.4.3 in moto g india dual sim

  • zeeyan

    Can we install the moto g us update in moto g india

  • Techguy101

    I don’t know anyone in the UK who has received their 4.4.3 update yet. It’s now a month later and they’re rolling out 4.4.4 already!

  • sarthak

    Since now the update is not shown in my phone moto g I dont know what is the reason I have also tried by doing system updates there it shows that ur software is up to date !!

  • josie

    Haven’t received it here in us

  • Onkar

    Moto G on 4.4.4 … Updated on July 19,2014 Size of update is around 170MB :-)

  • bkd

    Got the update to 4.4.4 for my moto G in Pakistan.

  • Kamarali Khan

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    give a try…