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Moto Stream uses Bluetooth to get music from your mobile device to your speakers


Less than a month after announcing the Moto E, Motorola today introduced us to its latest gadget.

The Moto Stream is a new accessory that can pair with a smartphone, tablet or computer and wirelessly stream music to a speaker or stereo system. The Stream uses Bluetooth to stream tunes, so it works with Android, iOS, Windows Phone and more.

Along with its basic streaming mode, the Moto Stream offers “Heist Mode.” This allows up to 5 users to pair with the Stream and, once connected, a person can “heist” the playback controls and begin playing their own music.

Motorola says that the Moto Stream is 57mm tall, 60mm wide and 69mm deep and that it weighs 100 grams. The unit also features 5 front light indicators. Additionally, the Stream can use NFC to pair with a device. Once connected over Bluetooth, the user can take their device up to 300 feet away.

The Moto Stream is available from Motorola’s website starting today at a price of $49.99. RadioShack will begin selling the Stream on June 6.

This new Moto Stream reminds us of the Nexus Q, another media streamer that Google introduced back in 2012. The Nexus Q included both audio and video streaming, unlike the Moto Stream and its audio-only capabilities. However, the Nexus Q also cost $299.99, which ultimately led to the device basically getting the axe a month after its debut.

While there are many different ways to get music from your device to your speakers, including both wired and wireless methods, the Moto Stream looks like a fairly simple way to get tunes from your phone to your sound system. And hey, if you’re someone that hosts a lot of parties, the Heist Mode could be a way to make the DJ role a bit more fun.

What do you think of the Moto Stream? Are any of you thinking of adding one to your home audio setup?

Source: Motorola

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  • Jimmy_Jo

    Looks cool. I was sad to see the Nexus Q go… but even sadder to see that $300 price tag. Maybe this will fly. Sounds great for get togethers

  • uknowme

    Not a bad idea. Surprised they want more money than a Chromecast though.

  • Thadeu

    DOUBT! it will be available in other countries? Like Brasil

  • charlie88

    Can’t they combine this thing with a Chromecast and give us a complete streaming product? I hate that I cant play side-loaded music via Chromecast and I hate having to go on my phone and switch over to the Walkman app, find the song “Throw” it (DLNA/bluetooth streaming?) over to my PC so that I can listen to my music. It just ruins the experience.

  • some guy

    I think you mean 30 ft away, not 300 ft away, unless Bluetooth technology made a huge leap that I wasn’t aware of.