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Mozilla to release a Firefox OS smartphone for only $25 in India

Mozilla Firefox OS

There have always been budget smartphones out there for under $200, but most were absolutely terrible. Finding a Chinese phone for $150 online basically meant you’d get a barely working device, or worse, a dumbphone OS made to look like iOS or Android. However, as of late, things have been changing. Many companies have been releasing solid budget devices. Most notable is Motorola with the Moto G and Moto E.

The Moto G comes in at a surprising $180, with some very solid specs that far exceed expectations. The Moto E is even cheaper at $130. But it looks like Mozilla is about to obliterate both devices in terms of price, as the company is planning to launch a smartphone for only $25 in India.

This device will be powered by Firefox OS, the companies HTML5 smartphone operating system. The company already releases devices at under $100, but a $25 price tag is absolutely insane. It’ll definitely be an accessible price for those who finally want to graduate to a smartphone. Mozilla partnered with Indian manufacturers Intex and Spice to build the phone using Chinese Spreadtrum chips.

It’s hard to believe we’ve hit a time where we can buy a smartphone for less than the cost of a tank of gas. Hell, a 32GB microSD can cost more than that. Of course, such a device really isn’t for us tech enthusiasts. Still, it serves its purpose. Are you interested in getting such a cheap smartphone? Leave a comment!

Source: BBC

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  • Sudhir

    Possibly subsidized by Ads

  • Peter Vamsi

    Ya iam waiting for that

  • andrew white

    Open source software for the most part is free, so $25 probably is what much of the hardware costs to actually produce in China.
    I congradulate Mozilla for getting something on the market.
    Hopefully over time (12-18months) the software can in fact be employed on at least mid-range devices with substantially higher resolution screens….720 or 1080p.

  • Sarath Sasi Godavarthi

    I guess it depends upon the looks and other internal specs. I need to really consider a smart phone without any smart features as Android. If it is android I will take it blind folded trusting Mozilla. Intex and spice are not really top class in my opinion.

  • ClearD

    It’s $25. Yes, I’d buy one just to have it. Other people commenting on this are ridiculous. It’s a $25 smartphone. Its specs are not going to be high end, nor are they meant to be.

  • durga prashanth

    ya i am waiting for that i am very much intresting in buying that mozzila fire fox zte iwant to know that can it supports games like temple run,farm villae, candy crush and games in fb
    and hd,hq ,1080p,720p vedios letme know about thease and how many hours thus batry life lives

    • vikky

      mr.prashanth , with the specs given as 256mb ram i don’t think you can play those games even though it support many games ,firefox os is a developing one so you cannot find many apps like google android.stating the battery its given 1500mah so you can have 4-6 hrs talktime depends upon your usage