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Nest developer program opens, change your temperature via Google Now and more


Nest is Google’s step into the world of smart homes. That goal is about to be furthered through the new Nest developer program, which allows developers and companies to create products that work with Nest. The APIs will allow for integration of Nest smart functions into other products.

A few companies are already on-board and developing, including Mercedes, IFTTT, Jawbone, Whirlpool and of course, Google. The possibilities are nearly endless with this integration. Imagine how many functions could be done with Nest using IFTTT. Your Mercedes car could communicate how to change the temperature based on where you are from your home, thus combating the geofencing feature that Honeywell’s Lyric smart thermostat offers. Check out the video below for some samples and more info.

As for Google, it’s working to integrate Nest with Google Now to allow you to change the temperature of your home with a simple voice command. Google and Nest have said that the feature will be available this fall.

What uses can you see coming of the Nest developer program?

Via: Droid Life

Source: Nest

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