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New Google Now feature can set an alarm for your public transit stop


Google Now offers great features for anyone getting around, serving up flight info, navigation details and public transit data. Google recently beefed up Google Now’s public transportation abilities with a feature that I’m sure riders of busses and trains will love.

As spotted by Android Police, Google Now can recognize when you’re riding public transportation and recognize where your home and work locations are. It can then sometimes show you when and where you need to get off and offer to set an alarm that’ll go off when you get near your stop.

Google Now has steadily been gaining new features ever since its introduction, and while things like weather and package tracking cards are features that most everyone can use, Google also adds goodies for more specific use cases. Just like the parking location reminder, this new public transit alarm card serves a specific set of users, and I’m betting that a lot of those folks will find it pretty handy. After all, you don’t really ever hear anyone say that riding public transit is the most exciting thing that you’ll do all day.

Do you use Google Now to help you when riding public transit?

Source: Android Police

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  • SGB101

    I don’t often get public transport, but when I do I’m usually drink and more than once missed my stop, I like this feature.

  • TruFactz

    Now to add when its approaching time to get on the bus.

  • dbareis

    I have never had a parking reminder and so far havn’t seen any way to turn on stop alarms, I have gone through the settings and neither has a setting (Nexus 5 on Android 4.4.2)

    • SGB101

      Ice had parking reminder, but only ever noticed them once home.

      I suppose it’s food they don’t get in the way, but are there (sometimes) for when you need them.

      Even though last week I went to Manchester, 60 miles from my home/work, and it never noted my parking spot. You’d think once tour out of town parking reminder would be pushed up the priority list.

  • jerrbomb

    This is great news for those who travel by train

  • thel0nerang3r

    I don’t wear skinny jeans. So alerts have been useless for me so far.